Thursday, August 30, 2012

Where in the World are you Reading? - Library Wrap-up Post

Thank you to everyone that posted for the second month of Where in the World Are You Reading? It has been a lot of fun reading read about your libraries and seeing pictures. It is wonderful that so many of you use your library and a couple people use more than one library. We (Trish, Lisa, and I) hope you will continue to participate in the coming months.

Now, on to the links... The links will take you directly to the persons post. Be sure to visit and comment! (And I noticed a lot of people moderating their comments. Don't forget to check them!)

Our first participant was Melissa from Avid Reader's Musings. She posted about the Central Library in downtown Indianapolis. According to her post the library is a mixture of an original library built in 1917 and then an newer library that was added on a couple years ago. This results in six floors of library and jealous comments.

Then, posting from Belgium, we have Alex from The Sleepless Reader. The library she has chose to post about is outdoors! It is called Bookyard and was created by Italian Artist Massimo Bartolini. It is located at the vineyard at St. Peter's Abbey. Fabulous!

Suey from It's All About Books shares pictures from the library that she works at,  The Orem Public Library. (The Stained Glass window she shares a picture of is gorgeous! Just saying!) She also shares a list of all the reasons that she loves her library. And, like Melissa's library, it is a remodel of old with new that went well judging by the pictures.

We get the pleasure of hearing about two Florida libraries from Erin at The Paperback Stash. The first is The Lakeland Library. Erin actually thinks the huge size of this library is a down-side and prefers smaller, personal libraries. She does share some wonderful pictures, though, and break the rules a bit. Apparently adults are not allowed in the teen section. (I actually find this surprising because a lot of adults read teen fiction...) Then, she talks about The Mulberry Library. She says that it is small, quaint, and awesome. They use handmade decorations to make everything look fantastic. It looks like a great place to visit and read.

Amy from Sunlit Pages talks about her childhood library in northeastern Colorado. It was built in 1931 and continues to be used as a library today. The library is not large but it makes up for it with its charm and atmosphere. The librarian is the same one she had as a child and has become a dear family friend. There sure are perks to small town living.

Then, we visit McKinney Library with Trish from Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity. She has only actually been to the library twice, but she still shares her wonderful experience. She uses her little girl as her model which is very cute. I particularly like the picture on the bench! And, I hope that when she gets a bit older she does enjoy going to the library with her mom.

Following right behind Trish is Lisa from Books Lists Life. She talks about Rawlins Public Library. Lisa moved from a place with a huge library to a place with a small library, but she wasn't disappointed.  She also uses her little girl as her model. The library isn't automated at all, but I think that probably adds to the charm. I enjoy interacting with my librarians. If you use the self-checkouts you miss that chance... (And, for the record, my library doesn't have self-checkouts either.)

Then, we have Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader posting from Australia. She is talking about the State Library of Victoria. The library is amazing. I want to go there now! And, it is an exhibit on the production of books from the medieval to the modern time. Then, there is an exhibit on the history of Victoria. But, really, my favourite picture is the ruins embedded in the footpaths outside. Head to her blog to see what I am talking about!

Then it is SuziQ from Whimpulsive's turn to talk about her two libraries. The first is the Cedar Mill Community Library. (There is even a resale shop next door to it.) The library provides lots of recommendations for a wide-variety of interests and topics. Suzi's favourite section is the pickup area for holds. She considers this to be her home library. Then, she posts about the Multmomah County Library Central Branch. She says she loves it because it is a gorgeous library and I definitely agree! The  Children's Library is named after Beverly Clearly. And, the stairs... The stairs got their own post and I think they are awesome! Last month Trish was jealous of Suzi's bookstore. This month I am jealous of her library. I think we are both going to have to visit SuziQ at some point...

We then travel to Italy to visit Valentina from Peekabook's library. The library is built on top of Roman ruins. That's an interesting history for a library! In its history the library building was also used for the stock exchange and an arena for playing basketball. When you walk on the glass floors you can see the Roman ruins below. That's so cool!

Then we have poor Softdrink from Fizzy Thoughts. She wasn't a big fan of her bookstore last month, but she still posted. This month she shares her lack of library love, but also manages to talk about one thing she does like about the library: the mural on the outside. She shares pictures and it is very impressive. Hopefully later months topics will work better for you!

Just under the wire, or at least from my time zone, we have Stacy from Stacy's Books. She expresses her love for the kids area. (More cute kids as models... FYI). She sums it up well by saying that her library rocks.

And, I posted a trip to my childhood library as well. (I almost forgot myself...) The Izaak Walter Killam Memorial Library is named after a local businessman who had no children and left his money to do good things for both my province and the country as a whole. He was born in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, so it seemed fitting that his sisters would pay to build the library that has been standing there for 50 years. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane.


Next Thursday we will start Month 3 of the meme. Lisa will be hosting and the topic is Waiting Reading. Basically, if you are waiting for anything and reading while you wait, it counts. I am wondering if anyone will share reading while waiting for the light to change! To see the rest of the months click here.


  1. What a gorgeous selection of libraries! I'm so glad you and Lisa and Trish decided to host this series. It's such a brilliant way to get to know reading spots around the world!

  2. Terrific wrap up! I'm starting to worry about my own month the way you both knocked it out of the park!

  3. Great write-up Kelly!! I was such a bad participant in August but am making my way through all the posts this morning. I'm glad we still had quite a bit of activity!

  4. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Good news...I've done lots of waiting this month! :-D

    I'm still really loving this, even if I seem like a Debbie Downer with my posts.


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