Sunday, February 03, 2013

Project Life - Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4

I find that I am really bad with adding more projects to my ever-growing list of projects, but here I am taking on another one. Debi and Trish had been talking about Project Life. I was curious... You see, it is a combination of scrap-booking and journalling. So, basically pictures and writing about your day, week, month... I do that! I participate in #photoaday and I have a day-by-day journal. I found a project that puts the two things together. And, I can share! I am not entirely sure that I want to share, but I am going to post what I have done so far before I can change my mind. Sadly the pictures sort of suck. I need to find a different set-up next time...
This is the title page. I included Casey because she is the closest thing I have to a kid (and I know this is better if you have children) and scenery because that's my favourite thing to take pictures of. The quotes are just filler because I actually love quotes.
This is the first page of the first week. I decided to use a 4x6 card to tell a highlight from each day of the week. Then, I used one of the little cards to say when the pictures were taken. I imagine the little pictures will fluctuate. I was 4 weeks behind...
I have discovered I need to do something different with my phone pictures, but I didn't want to waste them... The Hobbit poster is because I am battling with my printer. I also decided to include what I had read so far.
Next week... The first picture was my very first assignment for my photography course. I also decided to include what I have received and sent so far on postcrossing.
I really need something other than a cat to take pictures of... Again my reading and a recap of the events of each day.
New week! The first picture may seem boring but it was the very first picture I took using manual settings on my new camera. Isn't the little train cool? I am not sure what it is during the summer... It is the first I had ever stopped at it. Again, reading and a recap...
Really hate the quality of my camera pictures... The first paper that is cut-off is a recap of a road trip. I want to use pictures instead of pointless journalling, but I was too far behind and wanted to get it done in a certain amount of time.
On to the next week... Recap and pictures...
The first picture and the last picture are more of me playing with manual settings. The second to last picture is my second photography course assignment. And, as you can see, I am starting to resize pictures for the smaller slots.

And, that's it so far... I am not really all that crafty, but that's me.


  1. These are fantastic Kelly!!!! I'm so impressed :D Y'all are making me want to do Project Life too :p I'm not doing it this year, but I may jump in for 2014...I have enough going on right now, lol.

  2. Oh also, I meant to tell you I LOVE the photography you're doing with your new camera!

  3. Wow, you've been doing great with Project Life! I like the way you're using it as a book journal, post card tracker, and so on, as well as a scrapbook. Very inspiring.

  4. Kelly!!! It's fabulous!!! But I have to disagree with you on one thing you said--I don't think PL is better if you have kids. I think it wonderful to be capturing one's life period--and if it includes kids, great, and if not, great. And I sure as heck don't skimp on the furry ones' photos in mine either. :P

  5. This is wonderful! I really like your photography. The photos where you are just getting to know your camera are very interesting. How boring it would be if we all had the same life. There would be no point in documenting it.

    As I see more of these I find myself wanting to make one too. *sighs* I'll have to put it on the list for next year.

  6. Your photos DO NOT SUCK!! I love Project Life and it has simplified scrapbooking for so many of us! So glad that they got you to join!!!

  7. Very cool! The project life stuff is super-expensive in Europe, but I want to do some version of this too. Now to start...

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  9. Love this Kelly! Your photos are all wonderful, and I bet it'll be so fun seeing everything laid out at the end of the year. :) I try to use my camera as a journal since I can't write longhand very much anymore (arthritis), but I tend to keep it digital instead of printing it out. I need to work on that!

  10. I love this! Great job. Thanks for sharing! I've been wanting to do something similar but all digital. I've been keeping a journal for decades (literally! Ack, I'm old!), and ten or 15 years ago I started adding digital photos and even scanning things, but now I'd like to add videos, too. Haven't figured out how (other than making it an unpublished blog, but I don't know, that's not as appealing to me. One of these days I'll firue it out. I love your photos, btw.


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