Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Have Been... Take Fourteen

Writing... The blogging continues! Yay! I hope that means it will continue in 2014. I might slack off a bit during the holidays, but I am determined to keep it going in the New Year. I am trying to lay the groundwork now.

Reading... I finished Midnight Never Comes by Marie Brennan and Level Two (as the hardcover is called) by Lenore Appelhans. They were both really good! Then, I got a new e-reader and read The Frozen Deep by Wilkie Collins for The Estella Society group read. Currently I am reading A Study in Silks (The Baskerville Affair, Book 1) by Emma Jane Holloway on my e-reader. I snatched it up in a Black Friday sale. I like it! In paperback I am reading Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold for the Sci-Fi Experience. It is part of the Vorkosigan series that I started ages ago and then never got back around to reading...

Listening... I am almost done The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells. It is my first book by her and I like it. I am looking forward to more from her! I have also been listening to Christmas music when I read for background noise.

Looking... It is almost the end of my Elf on the Shelf fun... Here are my pictures:

Day 20:

Day 21:

Day 22:

Day 23:

Day 24:

Day 25:

Day 26:

Learning... That years go by way too fast... Or maybe remembering?

Anticipating... That Carl and I are going to be posting together for Virtual Advent in 2 days!!

Loving... That it is the holidays and for the first time in a couple years we had snow before Christmas. I am hoping it will still be white for the day itself...


  1. Lois McMaster Bujold: I want to get to her some day. I've heard you and at least one other blogger in the past mention her and she sounded intriguing, but I just haven't gotten back to her. Some day.

    No, I think years are going by too fast too, especially this one. It just flew, it seemed.

  2. These pictures are so cute. I especially like the Dec. 21 one!
    And, here's to a great year of blogging ahead!

  3. That Elf sure gets around!
    Happy Holidays!
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  4. Yay for you both blogging AND reading. And happy blogging anniversary :-) So glad to have you out here doing this for so long and to have met you because of it.

  5. Happy Holidays Kailana! Thanks so much for all the comments, which I thoroughly am enjoying! I hope to get in some good blog reading time over my break--I've been quite neglectful of it this past fall--I'm glad to see you are posting regularly again and you are having a great run of good books that you've read! I have only just started the Wilkie Collins--have been trying to finish Peter May's mystery which is so good. Hope you get a White Christmas--I have heard parts of Canada were slammed with snow!


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