Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Virtual Advent - Day 24 - A Christmas Story

Hard to believe it is the end to Virtual Advent! December has just flown by. One Virtual Advent tradition that I have is co-blogging with Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings. In 2008 we wrote a story of sorts and we decided to do something similar again this year. The first part is at Carl's blog, so head over there and then come back here to see the end. 

The Hunger Games

Katniss and Peeta are making their chariot ride into the ring, flames trailing behind them, through wild, thunderous applause from the screaming masses, as the Predator's ship drops him off on the unsuspecting planet to join in on the hunt... Thor and the Incredible Hulk smile as they watch him land.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

"The Marley's were dead to begin with!"

Rizzo: "Pardon me?"

Gonzo: "That's how the story begins, Rizzo.... The Marley's were dead to begin with..."

Rizzo: "Oh."

Gonzo: "As dead as a doornail!"

Rizzo: "That's a good beginning. It's creepy and kinda, WOOO-HOOO!, ...spooky!"

Gonzo: "Thank you, Rizzo!"

Rizzo: "You're welcome, Mr. Dickens."

Gonzo: "In life, the Marley's had been business partners with a shrewd money-lender named Ebeneezer Scrooge."

Rizzo: "Wow!"

Gonzo: "You will meet him as he comes around that corner."

Rizzo: "Where?"

Gonzo: "There."

Rizzo: "When?"

Gonzo: "Now!"

A giant elephant-like creature comes around the corner with mean, ugly men falling off it. It crashes down at Rizzo's feet and Legolas jumps off. In the background you hear Gimli shout "That still only counts as one!"

Rizzo faints...

The Avengers

The Avengers are starting to congregate on Stark Tower because Loki's machine is starting to open up the rift.The battle begins...

Snoopy flies by on his dog house chasing the Red Baron.

Meanwhile, King Kong is on top of the Empire State Building, and so, of course, Snoopy and the Red Baron start flying around him in circles, as Doctor Octopus climbs up the other side, with Peter 'Spiderman' Parker in hot pursuit. On the street below, Optimus Prime is squaring off with Megatron, and in the busy diner on the corner, Meg Ryan is demonstrating to Billy Crystal, in great detail, just exactly how she fakes her orgasms... Tina Fey walks in and says, "I'll have what she's having!" ...Rob Reiner's  Mom yells, "Hey! You stole my line!"

The Ten Commandments

Charlton 'Moses' Heston is on the mountain, just as the Millennium Falcon lands. Harrison Ford, in his usual Han Solo humour decides to play God, and imposes a set of 15 Commandments etched in stone. Moses stumbles down the mountain. He drops one and breaks it as Mel Brooks, dressed as a Rabbi, chuckles in the background.

Suddenly a knight, who turns out to be John Cleese, seems to be in a vicious battle with Sigourney Weaver who is strapped into a giant robot. A killer bunny is jumping up, trying to bite their necks. The grinch runs in during all the confusion and steals everyone's weapons... And suddenly there is peace on earth...

Bobby and Susie Smith, eyes agape and speechless, run into the other room to get their parents and show them the wonderful, yet strange, thing that has happened. The parents could only see the movies for what they were... movies. You see, as with all Christmas magic, it only works on those that believe, so Bobby and Susie, from then on, had a different adventure every time they put a Blu-ray disc in the player. Some kids are so lucky!


  1. Fun ending, especially the believing part. Very creative. As always I enjoy the privilege of sharing this tradition with you every year. Love that you got a LOTR reference in there.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. The magic of Christmas. You and Carl are very inventive. Thanks for the story.

  3. This was so much fun! Thank you, Kelly and Carl!! ...and a very Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Happy Holidays, Kelly, and thanks to you and Marg for hosting again this year!

  5. You guys are so creative - love it! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!

  6. Thanks for a fun ending to the tour, and merry Christmas!


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