Sunday, January 14, 2018

Week in Review (2)


Life has been interesting. 2018 is starting off quiet, but also with weird weather. Usually, after Christmas, we get snow. We currently have 16 degree Celsius weather and can see our lawn. It is also raining. If all the rain we have got was snow, we may have seen our lawn again in May. I don't mind a bit of snow, but you also have to be practical. My heat is off right now. When can you normally turn your heat off in January? It is supposed to get cold next week, and I am sure we will get snow before the winter is over, but still weird! They say that Nova Scotia is, on average, the warmest province in Canada and I believe it. (Only because B.C. goes so far up North). 

I have to go off on a tangent. I am going to complain about my experience with Amazon. We live off the beaten path, so I have Amazon Prime for those things that are not easy to get here. This amazing Amazon Prime is supposed to make parcels arrive sooner than if you don't have Amazon Prime. Except, they use Purolator for their deliveries a lot of the time and their service is terrible. I got a parcel yesterday that they first lost and then they kept blaming the weather for being delayed. Yes, provinces are having storms, but when the parcel is in my province for 2-3 days and you keep telling me it is delayed because of bad weather, I am going to get mad. There was no bad weather.  I became that customer. I probably complained 5 times about the poor service and have really reconsidered my renewing my Prime. Is it worth it? Sure, it is great if I am getting low on cat litter, for example, and don't have time to run to a store that carries cat litter, but if the parcel takes a week to get here... I need to go to a store to get litter anyway. (Not really what happened, just an example.) I have been dissatisfied for a while because I remember when you preordered a book, you would get it a bit early. Now, I am way behind. But, no bookstore here anymore sadly. I know people love Amazon, but I am just frustrated lately.

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The Hate U Give ~ The first audiobook of 2018. I loved it! It was on a lot of Best of.. lists for 2017, and I did start it in December of 2017, but it was a great way to start 2018 off. The narrator was really good, too. I am almost nervous to say any more about this book, but just know it is worth checking out. Strongly recommended!

 Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda ~ I followed up a great audiobook, with a great novel. This is one I have wanted to check out for a while and I am so glad I finally did! It was really well written. The author really expresses the life of a 16 year old boy well. I got really engrossed in this book. It is another strongly recommended read!

Nimona ~ In continuing with books I have been meaning to check out, I finally checked out this one. It was another fun read. Nimona was a fun character. Noelle Stevenson always writes great stuff. I look forward to what she does next! Strongly Recommended!

Saga - Volume 8 ~ I love me some Saga! I am always very excited when a new copy is released. This was no exception. I am all ready looking forward to Volume 9! Strongly recommended!


I am up to Season 3 of this series. I am enjoying checking it out. It is exactly what I like in a show, but I just didn't get into it before. We will see how it continues to go.

We are still only on Season 1 of this show. I think we watched one whole episode since my last post. I like it. I am not sure why we have such a hard time with it.

I don't watch a lot of movies, but I love musicals and I LOVED this! I have always loved the idea of circus, but never go because there are some negative ideas surrounding them nowadays. But, you have to applaud P.T. Barnum for seeing something in people that no one else did and going from rags to riches. It was so well done!

I also watched the newest episodes of The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, and The Good Place.

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Saga - Volume 8

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  1. You aren't the only one that I know that has had issues with Amazon Prime! So frustrating especially when you just want your items to arrive already :) It sure looks like you've started your year of reading out right! I really, really need to read The Hate You Give soon. Have a great week!

  2. I have no desire to see The Greatest Showman. I know too much about P. T. Barnum and his tactics to ever be able to watch a fanciful movie about him.

    Amazon is hit or miss with me. Lately, I have had a lot of things that have had a delivery date only to find out that they shipped the day they were supposed to be delivered. It is frustrating. We pay extra for this service, and it is getting worse.

  3. I'm sorry you had such a had experience with Amazon. I haven't had a poor experience with them yet. I hope I never do, but I know it happens. They're definitely not perfect and I would be frustrated if I were in your shoes too.

  4. I hear you. When I order something I want it ASAP! And if they’re supposed to get it to you by a certain time, they should. We’ve had like no snow either this winter. So weird.

  5. Sorry to hear you've had issues with Amazon Prime. We've been lucky so far but if you aren't getting good service then you should definitely complain. I can't wait to read The Hate You Give. I've put it on hold at the library and am waiting although it may be a while as a lot of people are in line ahead of me!

  6. Sorry to hear you're having issues with Amazon Prime. I can definitely see not wanting to renew. It's not exactly cheap and if you're not getting the benefits than what's the point. I've watched a little bit of Gilmore Girls but Lorelei's mother is so much like mine I had to stop because it was stressing me out! I really want to see The Greatest Showman. It looks gorgeous! Have a great week!

  7. I loved Nimona when I read it, I think the author is involved with the cartoon reboot of She-Ra, if you're a fan of that sort of thing :)

    I've heard really good things about The Hate You Give, so have to pick that one up at some point.


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