Friday, December 16, 2005

First Book Look

Just a place to record the books that I have read and enjoyed, starting sometime. I am not sure if I will go back and record ones that I have read a long time ago. I am currently reading Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett. A forum that I belong to talks about him all the time, I am glad I got the him sorted out because I originally thought it was a girl because Terry Brooks is a girl, and I thought that I would check him out. It is interesting so far, I have met a zombie, a vampire, and Igor. There was a troll entering the bar just as I paused in my reading.

Last night I finished Saints of Big Harbour by Lynn Coady. Coady is a Canadian author that was born near where I live. Her novel takes place in Nova Scotia, my province, so it was interesting to hear a fictional tale about some Nova Scotians. It interesting, though, because some of the places actually exist, she has the accents pretty believable because people from Cape Breton originated from Scotland and Ireland so they still hold the traces of the tongue. Many Cape Breton people also speak Gaelic, which is pretty cool. My grandfather, my mother's father, lives in Cape Breton. Anyways, in this novel we start with one main character, a boy named Guy. For any not French people that read this, think of the hockey player Guy LeFleur, that is how you pronounce this ones name as well. As the novel goes along, though, there are many more characters that appear in the fore-front of the novel. Like his alcoholic uncle, his mother, this young girl that goes crazy and comes up with a tale that involves a made up guy and Guy doing something that he never actually did, as well as a whole string of other characters. I for the most part liked the novel, I just find the word "saints" funny because all the people from Black Harbour mentioned in the novel are crazy! The girl gets Guy investigated by the police, her brother goes on an assualt spree, and those are just some of the characters that live in the town.

Out of a rating of 5, I would give this novel a 4/5.

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