Friday, December 16, 2005

Light on Snow by Anita Shreve (December/05)

One of the authors that I enjoy immensely is Anita Shreve. For my birthday this passed October I received her second newest novel, Light on Snow. I consider her very good because I am not a very big fan of romance-type novels, but for the most part Shreve's novels have the romance but also have the story as well. This book, though, did not have romance in it. I found this odd. In the novel we find a young girl being raised by her reclusive father. Her mother and sister were killed in a car accident. Their life is very ordinary, since the death of half of his family the father has not really wanted to have people around him, so they live away from most people. In one moonlight stroll, though, their lives are changed all over again. They found something they were not to have found and suddenly there is a string of new people dropping around to their house. This is something that the father is not ready for, but the characters push themselves in and the daughter tells her father that this may be the life he chose for himself, but she needs more than that for herself. She needs people around. This novel shows a man's movement through the pain of loss and his daughters wisdom beyond her years.


Other novels I have read by Anita Shreve:
The Pilots Wife (July/05) - 4.5/5
Fortune's Rock (July/05) - 5/5 (My favourite book I have read by her so far)
All he Ever Really Wanted (August/05) - 4/5
Sea Glass (August/05) - 4/5
Resistance (August/05) - 4.5/5
Where or When (October/05) - 4.5/5

In my "to read" pile:
The Weight of Water
Strange Fits of Passion
The Last Time they Met
Eden Close

I am also getting Wedding in December for Christmas.

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