Friday, December 16, 2005

A Little Stranger - Kate Pullinger (December/05)

This book was something that I was excited about. I had read another book by her, so I was curious to see what her other books were like. This book came as a gift and I chose to read it just a few days ago. It was good, but in a different way than the other novel I read by her. The other book had a witch as one of its characters, there was nothing supernatural in this more recent novel. In the novel, we have what may appear to be a regular family, but one day the wife just finds that she can not take things anymore. She had to give up working in order to raise their son. They could not afford the care that would be needed in order for her to go back to working. So, one day, she has had enough. She goes out of the house and that is the last time her little family sees her for about a month. First, she heads to Los Vegas for no apparent reason, it was just one of the flights available at the time that she was there. In Los Vegas she meets a woman that is going through her own pain, and by this interaction she helps this other woman without even trying. She gives her a friend and a problem that is not her own. Then, she heads to Vancouver where she has to encounter her mother so she can fix her life at home. She had been born in a dysfunctional family, her mother was an alcoholic that chose to live on the street. Talk to her mother that one time gives her closer, tells her that she can be a good mother, and then she returns to her family once more.

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In my "to read" pile:
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