Friday, December 16, 2005

The Romantic - Barbara Gowdy (November/05)

The best book I have read by her so far! It is about a small family living in a small town. The main character is the child of the family. One day, her mother up and leaves with just a note saying that her daughter knows how to work the washing machine. Which she doesn't. This leaves a daughter behind with her father while her mother is gone, her mother also never comes back. Her father is not fully present in her life, so the only female that the daughter really gets to know is the housekeeper her father hires. She also becomes best friends with the boy that lives across the street, such good friends that at one point in the novel she is pregnant with his child. He is not present, though, so with the help of the housekeeper she aborts the baby. She never forgets about the boy, though, and there are many times throughout the novel where they meet up again. He is her reason for most things, it would seem. She is also a lot like her mother, not being able to stay in one spot for long. The neighbour became an alcoholic, so there are lots of times where this causes problems in their friendship and relationship. The important thing, though, is that while her mother is absent she always has a friend, even if he appears and disappears quite freely until the end of the novel. He is an interesting character, and for that she becomes more interesting. You really feel for both of them by the end of the novel.


Other books I have read by Barbara Gowdy are:
The White Bone (April/05) - 4/5
Mister Sandman (August/05) - 4.5/5

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