Friday, December 16, 2005

Sylvanus Now - Donna Morrissey (November/05)

I was so excited when this novel came out, she is one of my favourite authors to come out of Canada. In this novel we follow the life of a fishing community in Newfoundland. It is on the Eve of Industrialization, so to speak, where the characters are having to move more into the new forms of technology and away from the single man in his boat with some string. It starts farther back, though, with a little boy doing just that and follows him up through the ages as he gets better at it, faces the pressures of advancement and still holds onto the life that he has always known because that is the way that he believes men were supposed to fish. I like historical novels, especially ones about the Atlantic Canadian region because that is where I am from and this is my history. It explains the old methods of fishing, which is very interesting to read about because it is not someting I am very familar with. It also talks about other aspects of advancement in things like roads and child-birthing. The other character that is followed in this tale is his wife who is following the pain of being a woman and having been taken out of school to help support her family and then getting married and not being able to have a child that remains alive. These are the pains that she suffers.


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