Friday, May 19, 2006

Seduction in Death - J.D. Robb [May/06]

This is a very odd reading choice for me. For those that don't know, J.D. Robb is also known as Nora Roberts who is not someone that I would normally read. People on a forum I belong to were discussing her books, and when I learned they were set in the future, I was intrigued. This is book 13 in the series, but since it was available to read at my house, I decided to start with it and see if I liked it. I did, actually, so much so that I purchased more of the series at the second hand store the other day.

The novels follow the life of Lt. Dallas, a police officer in a world quite different than the one that we are living in now. While the books are only set about 50 years from now, technology has made many advances that I find myself wishing we had now. Guns have been outlawed, which I found very interesting. It is a gizmo age.

I think the thing that most attracts me to the novel is the character of Lt. Dallas. She had a rough childhood that has turned her into the character that we witness in these novels. She has a deep understanding of the degragation of women, having been sexually abused herself. As a result, many of her cases have a personal feel to them that makes them not just cases to her, but a chance to take down terrible men one at a time and slowly make the world a safer place. The added addition of her past makes the novel more than just a murder mystery, it is a personal experience.

In this particular part of the series, Dallas is investigating the murder of women who think they have found love in internet chatrooms. The man woos her and then he drugs her to death so that he is the last man to touch her. It is a disgusting idea, but these are men that have always gotten what they wanted out of life and have a deep hatred for women. Why this is becomes known as Dallas comes closer and closer to cracking the case. In this particular book, we know who the killers are. Robb has made it so that we see all sides of the case as opposed to being just as in the dark as Dallas. It makes it more interesting because we get to know all the central characters before the bad guys are brought down.

A really interesting series, I can't wait to read more about Dallas and her adventures.


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