Friday, May 19, 2006

Phantom of Manhattan - Fredrick Forsyth [May/06]

This novel looked very interesting when I saw it for the first time. It is an apparent sequel to the famous novel that was turned into a broadway play, and I thought it looked like an interesting conclusion when I read the back of the book:

More than two decades have passed since Antoinette Giry, the mistress of the corps de ballet at the Paris Opera, rescued a hideously disfigured boy named Erik from a carnival and brought him to live in the labyrinthine cellars of the opera house. Soon thereafter, his intense, unrequited love for a beautiful chorus girl set in motion a tragic string of events, forcing him to flee Paris forever. Now, as she lies dying in a convent, Madame Giry tells the untold story of the Phantom and his clandestine journey to New York City to start anew, where he would become a wealthy entrepreneur and build the glorious Manhattan Opera House... all so he could see his beloved, now a famous diva, once again. But the outcome of her visit would prove even more devastating than before - and yet, would allow the Phantom to know, for the first time in his brutal life, the true meaning of love...

See, sounds good. It was not, though. For starters, I thought it was going to be from the perspective of Madame Giry. She only has one chapter. Then, the novel is told from the perspective of random people that are not really essential to the novel. They are not the characters for the most part that people have come to know and appreciate, they are just random folk. The story presented in this second novel is good, but the method in which he chooses to present it did not attract me to the story.


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