Sunday, August 06, 2006

Reading Too Many Books

So, I have been having a very hard time settling with reading lately. I am reading lots of books right now, I like them all, but I can't seem to settle down and read a book to its conclusion. Anyways, on the go right now I have:

World Without End - Sean Russell (350 pages in)
The Singing Sword - Jack Whyte (150 pages in)
The First Man in Rome - Colleen McCullough (Just barely started)
Lord of the Silver Bow - David Gemmell (100 pages in)
The Tea Rose - Jennifer Donnelly (75 pages in)
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova (300 pages in)

Then at work tonight I have to finish up at least the first book by Vera Chapman, The Green Knight, and the book I am reading by David Adams Richards. As well as read one the Stephanie Barron mystery novels. Can we say "big mess"? Thankfully many of these books I have to the point where I can almost finish them in one sitting, I just need to find the drive to do so! It isn't even that I haven't been reading, it is just that I get 50 to 100 pages read of one book and want to move on to another...


  1. Oh, yesh. That is a lot of books. And you'll have to let me know what you thought of the Historian. I have that and couldn't finish it. I got to about page 200 or 300 and gave up on it.

  2. I'll be sure and post opinions on all them. The Historian seems one of those books that you either love it or you hate it.

  3. Oh how I sympathize with you!


  4. Why? What are you reading?

  5. You are a serious book hopper! LOL The max I can handle is 4 books. And I get antsy when I leave a book unfinished.

  6. I need to thin things out, I know. I am trying, just have too many other things going on.

  7. I know the feeling. Lately I, too, will read about 50-100 pages and want to stop. I don't know what it is but I do so hate leaving a book unfinished. It use to be, I would finish a book no matter what. Nowadays, if I'm not enjoying it I'll stop but I always feel guilty for doing so.

  8. I don't get it. I would rather read something that I like than struggle through something that I don't like. I have never understood why people feel guilty. There are good books and there are bad. So if a book bores me to the side it goes. Sometimes I try again, but I never force myself (unless for school) to read something that I am not enjoying. Life is too short and my to be read pile to high to waste time on bad books. :)

  9. I just prefer to finish a book. It's the way I am. Can't help the way I am. *shrugs*

  10. Yeah, there are lots of people that way. I am not saying you should change the way you are at all. :) I am just weird by most people I know standards.


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