Monday, August 07, 2006

Too many book cont'd

You know, here I was talking about reading too many books and this morning I found myself wondering what I am going to read as I finish these longer books. So, looks like I will be keeping up my quantity of reading for a while longer. Reading shorter books at work and reading 50-100 pages of the longer books when I am home.

I have it all figured out:

The Singing Sword replaced by The Eagles' Brood - Jack Whyte (book 3)
The Historian replaced by The Bronze Horseman - Paullina Simons (finally)
Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow replaced by Into the Wilderness - Sara Donati (only because book two by Gemmell isn't out yet, not that Donati is bad.)
The First Man in Rome replaced by The Grass Crown - Colleen McCullough (book 2)
The Tea Rose replaced by A Soldier of the Great War - Mark Helpin (just because I wanted this book really bad when I bought it and STILL haven't read it)
World Without End replaced by White - Rosie Thomas (this one was hard, I have the sequel to Russell's novel, but I was lent this Thomas book and really should give it back to my friend)

So, I think I am crazy, but I have come to like the variety. The only two really similar authors are McCullough and Whyte, but only because both are covering the Romans. I was really in a lull readingwise, but I think it was because my to read pile has gotten a little daunting. I may not be making any more progress than before, but for some reason this method makes me feel like I am. When I take these books and pile them near one another, it looks like I did something. It may not stay like this, but oh well.

What about the rest of you bloggers? Do you ever feel daunted by mount tbr? What do you to make it feel like you have made a dent? What does it take for you to feel like you should stop buying books? Do you actually stop buying them? And are you people that like really large books because of the challenge or would you rather stick with littler ones?


  1. Having worked for Borders for a few years, I acquired hundreds of books (comps, ARCs, employee discount days, etc.) and it will probably take me a few years to read everything I own. Having said that, I'm still tempted by the New Release shelf at my wonderful library, so it takes a while to whittle away at my stacks. What keeps me out of the bookstores (and away from Amazon) is the possibility of moving aboard a boat when we're ready to retire. Liveaboards can't own a lot of books (at least not on the boat - we plan to put a lot in storage), so at this point in my life, I need to work on what I already own.

  2. This is why, as much as I would love to, I never apply at book stores. My pay cheque would go back into the store!

    You are thinking about moving aboard a boat when you retire? What a wonderful idea! I can understand the lack of room for books, though. I am having some issues right now with my books because I am getting close to graduating from university and moving out. I will need to have a two bedroom apartment at least. One for me to sleep in and other for my books. Well, unless I move in with my boyfriend. Haven't decided yet.

    The other day, though, I was looking at everything I own, and I could get rid of most of it if it came down to keeping my books or giving them up. Sad or what?

  3. The fact that I have no room for any more books should make me stop. But while I don't buy loads, I do tend to pick up a few on a regular basis.

    I really should stop, or at least buy a new book shelf.

  4. yes! I am one of those people that never had a TBR and now I dread every minute of it! doesn't help that some of the books I pick up end up being crap and then it puts me off from picking another book in my TBR for a while. lol.

  5. I always have too many books on the go at once, and my TBR stack is massive. That doesn't stop me from buying more and checking out library books! I try and pare down the number I am reading, but it never seems to work, or last long! By the way, I loved the Paullina Simons book, and Tea Rose, too!

  6. I just read them when I get to them. Better to have a pile that's too big than to have one of those awful times when there's nothing to read!

  7. I've pretty much managed to cut my book buying right down! But you know that my library pile is just about to topple over, and the spreadsheet that I used to keep track of all the books I WANT to read is mammoth!

    Yay to read The Bronze Horseman!

  8. If I had a library, I would go to the library. But, there isn't one around here that is any good :(


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