Monday, September 25, 2006

And even more books again...

This, ladies and gents, is mount tbr. Now, it might look really messy, but is order! All the books piled on the top are trilogies/series, and I have them in the correct order. There are books in that bin, too, because I can't fit another bookshelf in my room. This is my actual bedroom. And while this is the last picture I am going to post... this is not all the ones that I have. I also have young adult books still on shelves and such, but this gives you a general look.


  1. Wowsers! Are these at least some of them library books, or did you buy them all?

  2. You know, my boyfriend is my book buyer. He buys me books all the time, so I don't spend that much money on books... And these books span a large amount of time... and some of these books came from Random House, which is free

  3. Fun seeing your bookshelves. :)


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