Monday, September 25, 2006

Some of the Books on the Disaster Night Stand

The Alleluia Files - Sharon Shinn
The Keep - Jennifer Egan
Poison Study - Maria V. Snyder
The Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruiz Zafon
The Friends of Meager Fortunes - David Adams Richards
Thirteen Moons - Charles Frazier
The Last Town on Earth - Thomas Mullen
A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin
Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
Tithe - Holly Black
Under the Eagle - Simon Scarrow
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll
Vampire Hunter D - Hideyuki Kikuchi
Heir to the Shadows - Anne Bishop
Luck in the Shadows - Lynn Flewelling
Daughter of the Forest - Juliet Marillier
Labyrinth - Kate Mosse
The Hatbox Letters - Beth Powning
Helen of Troy - Margaret George
The Well of Lost Plots - Jasper Fforde
The Oak Above the Kings - Patricia Kennealy-Morrison
The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova
The Kitchen Boy - Robert Alexander
The Silver Rose - Susan Carroll
New Moon - Stephanie Meyer
Paragon Lost - Dave Duncan
Chicken with Plums - Marjane Satrapi
Everything you Know - Zoe Heller
The Danger Tree - David MacFarlene


  1. I am so jealous of all your shelves! Grrr.

    I don't feel so bad about my nightstand now. It only has three piles of 5 each. But I also have a library pile (which gets smaller and smaller) and my actual TBR has not seen any action from me in a long time.

    Love the pictures!

  2. You know I am starting to think that books buying is an addiction and it's everyone elses fault that I am so hooked. LOL.

    Love your shelves! I need to do mine.

  3. If I could get rid of that mass market shelf I am using, I would arrange my books by category, but alas, that shelf holds a lot of books and is not easily replaced with the space that I would require.

  4. What a great list!

  5. Oh, wow, you've got it bad, Kailana! I suggest you lock yourself up with your books and read till you turn purple. Just kidding. How likely do you think it is that you'll get to Anasi Boys right away? I was thinking I might have to lurk around and see what you think, but now . . . well, I'll just have to lurk around and see what you think about all those other cool books, too. I could end up lurking for a while, eh?

  6. Looks that way. I haven't had a lot of time to read lately, so the pile is higher than it should be. Two of my cats are getting old and they always wake me up in the morning, so I always started the day off on a bad note and can hardly keep my eyes open to get through the day, let alone read.

  7. I love to see people's book shelves. It's always interesting to see where people keep all their piles of books!

    We read a lot of the same stuff. I've been wanting to read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman for the longest. :-)

  8. I am almost done. It is really good!


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