Monday, September 25, 2006

Book Sharing Time!

This is the book shelf that I "borrowed" from my mother. It used to hold books and then it get used for pictures, and now it is mine and has books on it again. I have read all the books you see here. The bottom shelf is cut off, but that's the general idea. You can also see on the right, one of my spoon racks. Sadly, most of them are not seen because of lack of wall space.

This is another of the bookshelves that I have. This is also guaranteed to be read. On the top you will see three of the Titanic beanie babbies, a few spoons. My minnie mouse light switch. I should mention that this is not my bed room, just my book room. I was very creative with it.

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  1. Those are all great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Love seeing shelves filled with books.


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