Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I bought books...

I hope this posts... Anyways, I decided to buy the two books that follow Archangel today. I will read them as soon as I get them, and if they are anything like the first book, I will reread them. So, I don't feel guilty buying them. I bought a few other books with them: Goose Girl by Shannon Hale, the first book by Holly Black, and Beauty by Robin McKinley. This concludes my book buying for the year, other than my birthday and Christmas, because I need to get some reading done!

I can't get pictures to post anymore. It is making me mad!


  1. I've cut myself off too. I've told myself I'm not going to buy anymore books at least for the rest of the month. I'm too ashamed to even tell you what I've spent on books this month and it's only the beginning of September! So yeah my goal is to try and tackle the TBR pile a bit. It's so hard not buying books, isn't it? :-D

  2. Yes, especially with things like trilogies, because you read book 1 and then you want to read the next book... and then the last one. Then they come out with spin offs, which you want to read. Next thing you know you spent all this money when you only meant to start out with one!

    But when you read them, it is so enjoyable. :)

  3. OMG so many posts and I was only gone for the weekend! lol.

    OK, so glad you got New Moon! Can't wait for your review. Your cats are adorable! I love cats but we already have 3 dogs so we've reached our animal limit. LOL.

    This series I had on my Wish List and then I though, hmm, religious much? So now I'm thinking I should try it. Wadda ya think?

  4. Mailyn, that's too funny! That's the exact same reason why the book just sat on my wishlist for long long. I read the blurb about God and angels and thought "too religious" and bought something else. LOL. But I'm gonna give it a shot. ;-)

  5. LOL "long long" I meant so long. Geez...sometimes my brain and my fingers just don't communicate...

  6. I really enjoy Shannon Hale's books and her blog: www.squeetus.com is wonderful.

    I also enjoyed Tithe by Holly Black and look forward to reading Valiant when it comes out in trade soon.

  7. If I liked this book, you two will. I am totally not a religious person. I was actually worried about that too, but I thought it was really well written and not preachy at all. You two should read it!

    And Carl, I got Shannon Hale because you recommended her to me. :) I have to check out her blog, now, though.

  8. OK, you sold me! This is going back on the Wish List.

    P.S. I just finished The Shadow of Albion and I loved it! Will review soon. Have you read it?

  9. Oh, I own The Shadow of Albion! If it is good, I will go track it down and add it to my list. :)


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