Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Some of you may be wondering, where did Kailana, the nick, come from? Well, I am going to tell you. See these pictures? These are just some of the pictures of Kailana that have been circulating around the net over the last couple years. These three particular pictures were drawn by the very talented Desfunk (Chris), which I will have to track down a url for. The character herself was created by what most people know as my boyfriend and named by me. Why you may ask? He is a comic artist, his comic is taking a break right now so he can pursue other comicing interests, but is expected to return. For those of you that like fantasy and comics, the url is


  1. How cute! What a talent he has. Can you tell us more about the character? She looks like she has a story to tell.

  2. Wow, Chris has got some comic mojo! LOL

  3. OMG how cute !I have to check that out. Hey, me and Nath [life of a dumpling] are starting an anime and manga blog. wondering if you want to join. nothing too exciting. just reviewing series we like or any other news or happenings with anime and manga. I know you like fantasy books and since there are a lot of anime fantasy was wondering if you were into that.

    Also starting a paranormal/fantasy blog with dancechica [soon as she reads her email lol] and was wondering if you wanted to be part of that as well! :-)

  4. I read comics that fit the category, I like anime, but I have only watched a few. I can watch more, though. :) That sounds like fun!

    And of course I want to join you two for the fantasy!! I love fantasy anything. :)

    So, I guess that is two yeses!

  5. Oh, and Lesley, I will tell you the whole story! I just have to brain storm and make it interesting, because Kailana has been in "creation" for three years now. :)

    (And is WAY better than Tom's other character, Miko. All the guys like Miko, though. Ditzy with big boobs. blah).

    And Desfunk is awesome! I frame all his Kailana pictures he gives me. :)

  6. yay!!!! you are sooo cool! I put my review of Tithe and Shadow of Albion up.

    Okies, I will get started on the two new bloggies so we can have them up and running by Sunday!!!

  7. lol, well, you are soooo cool too! I think your ideas sound fun.

    And, I own Shadon of Albion and have Tithe on order, so I will be sure to check your reviews out. :)

  8. These are fantastic!

  9. Yes, he is very talented.


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