Thursday, September 14, 2006


So, my birthday is October 3rd, and I was researching what books were coming out around my birthday on my wish list. I think I have a bit of a problem, because there are more than I thought! I am going to have a very hard time deciding...

Coming out in October:
Christmas to Remember - Thomas Kinkade (Oct 3/06)
Once Upon a Spring Morn - Dennis McKiernan (Oct 3/06)
Partners in Necessity - Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (Oct 4/06)
Dear John - Nicholas Sparks (Oct 30/06)

If I get Once Upon a Spring Morn, I have to buy Once Upon an Autumn Eve first. I don't know if I want them in hardcover, though. I really liked the first two in the quarter, and I have been fighting myself over not the Autumn one for a while now.

Sharon Shinn also has a novel coming out, but I have lots of books by her to read beforehand, so no worries.

Then, there is one book in November. Magic and the Healing - Nick Odonohoe, which comes out November 7th. And I am getting the new Elizabeth Haydon book for Christmas... maybe. I have a few more to read before I get there, and I am slow, but she is an amazing author!

I think I just spent all my birthday money and then some....

After that, though, I just want Blood Bond - Patricia Briggs, which comes out in January. Anything else on my wish list for future releases I have taken care of.

What else does October mean? NEW DAVID GEMMELL BOOK!!!! The second in his trilogy on Troy. I am so excited, but I have that ordered already.

And not a word about me, the fantasy nerd, liking Nicholas Sparks or Thomas Kinkade.

Does anyone know when the new Isabel Allende book comes out? I searched for it on amazon, and I could only find it in Spanish. I will be very honest, I am more of an English reader myself... (I strongly recommend her, great author. I have read all her books but Zorro and her young adult trilogy.)


  1. Happy late birthday!!!!!! Books are always good presents. I plan to give myself books for mine. It's in Nov. LOL.

    Never been big on Allende but she is great. I have been tempted to read Zorro.

    Oh and I am going to try the Shin Archangel book. :-P

  2. I think the Faery series is WONDERFUL. Of course, I wrote it. :)

    But, seriously, I do hope you enjoy the books, and I am glad to see they are on your "someday" list.

    Best regards,

  3. Actually, I bought them. They will arrive in November. I had already read the first two, so I wanted to see how the story continued.

    Thank you so much for making an appearance on my blog! I enjoy your books very much. :)


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