Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I am, per usual, behind on my reviews. I think I am going to try and catch up in a bit, but it's been a busy week! As you can see from my "currently reading" thing, I have five books on the go. It has not been going well... I should have finished something by now, but I made the mistake and didn't bring Simon Scarrow to work with me. That seems to be the one of the five that I am very interested in right now. I wondered why I had never heard of him before, but I did a bit of browsing this passed weekend, and he is not carried in bookstores around here. That's a shame, because I could have read all his books a long time ago, but instead, I have them all to explore. Most of the people that I spend time with like Tudor-era history, I am very big in Roman history, as well as other periods. These novels take place in Rome before 50 AD (so far).

The only problem with finishing this book is that if it continues to attract me like it is now, I am going to want to read the rest of the books, and that means a lot of Amazon orders. It also means breaking my no book buying rule. Have to see how it goes. He is also a nice break from Jack Whyte. If I read authors too close together I get bored, so I figured I would read Scarrow and then read the third Jack Whyte novel. I don't do long series very often, so if I read all the Jack Whyte books it would be a big deal. Scarrow has written a lot as well.

On a happy note, I have two Random House books on the go. (Little secret, the new Mark Haddon book, for me, is better than Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. I hope it stays like that. We will see when I review it. I am almost done. I have to hurry, Mary Lawson and David Adams Richards are calling to me!) I am always happy when I find a fantasy buried in their past, like Lynn Flewelling's novels. I also have Rebel Angels to read. I adored A Great and Terrible Beauty, so to be honest while I wanted to read it as soon as it arrived, I am going to wait a bit. The quicker I read it, the longer I have to wait for book 3! (I'll probably finish Scarrow and pick it up, but I am pretending I have will-power).

I have to say, Random House offers such wonderful authors. I never really paid attention before, but I buy a lot of books from them. Only beaten by various fantasy labels. Especially when you get into all the companies that make up the larger company. It really surprised me. And I deal with the Canadian one, so I am supporting my local authors a lot of the time. Like David Adams Richards, he is from New Brunswick originally. And Mary Lawson... um... I would have to look that up. I am not big in the whole advertising thing. I rarely wear shirts that have clothing label names on them and all that jazz, so when I say good things about something, you know I mean it.

Anyways, enough of my rambling. I will post some reviews soon!

Oh, to get to Random House's homepage, click here.


  1. I am all for advocating self-control etc....but shouldn't there be a law against setting a 'no book buying' rule? ;)

  2. I am interested in the Scarrow title. I did buy one of his books that I have around here somewhere. I also bought the Thirteenth Tale by Setterfield. I started it last night. So far, so good. Will let you know when I'm done.


  3. I love the shameless RH pimping! LOL They really do have some great authors.

    What is this bo book buying rule? How long is this rule in effect? This spring, I gave up buying books for 40 days, and I couldn't do it. But I considered books for 25 cents weren't really breaking my rule, right? hehe

  4. Keishon: I loved The Thirteenth Tale! I hope you like it too. I almost halfway through Scarrow now that I have given up on the other things I was reading. I can probably sit down and finish it soon. It is really interesting so far.

    Ames: I was just happy because I got a lot of good books from them lately. I ordered a lot of books for the fall that are just coming out, so I have been reading a lot of books I would normally have waited to come out in paperback form.

    My book buying rule, I can't buy a book for a month except around my birthday. Unless it is something I have in my wish list on Amazon that is a preorder. Some of my favourite authors have new books coming out, and considering how long I have been waiting for them, I figure it is worth the rule break. :)

  5. I don't know how you do it. I have no self control when it comes to books. Doesn't help that Amazon keeps your credit card info so it's always handy. LOL.


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