Friday, September 08, 2006


This is my dog, Sandy. I am still taking claim on this computer, so I don't have a lot of pictures on here. This is the only one I have where you can see her face. As you can see, she thinks that the cat toys belong to her. She probably played with that worm more than the cats it belonged to. She turned 10 in August. She is a purebred, I should know exactly when she was born, but my family doesn't really do animal birthdays, so we just treat them special everyday.


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Oh, how adorable!

  2. Your baby is sooooo cute! I should post more pics of mine but they don't like to have their pics taken. Go figure. LOL.

  3. I am very fond of my dog. She follows me everywhere, she is here even as I type this. :)

  4. LOL. Yeah all three of mine are all around my chair. It's a mess of doggie legs and heads everywhere. I can't even move my damn chair because I'm afraid to run them over! Insane I tell ya. lol.


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