Thursday, September 07, 2006

Yay for books!

I got presents in the mail today. Yay! To encourage my recent adoration with David Gemmell, Tom bought me fantasy books by him. Well, I was going to post some pictures, but Amazon has the annoying percent off signs on the books, Chapters either doesn't have a picture or if it does it is different from what I got, and Barnes and Noble has totally different covers.

Anyways, I received:

Ghost King
Last Sword of Power

-My friend recommended this duology called The Swords of Power because it has Arthurian tie-ins. Some sites state that it actually have five books in it, some claim only two, I am just going with two right now.

Lion of Macedon
Dark Prince

-I found these two books by accident while looking for something else, and I just thought they sounded good!

And then, from a blog I read... I am going to have to search for which one it is (by all means tell me if it is you), I found Simon Scarrow. I think he sounds very interesting, so I got the first book in his series.


  1. I got some books in the mail I ordered and some may interest you so I will post a list tonight. Oh that Dark Prince book sounds cool!!!!!

  2. I will be sure to check the list out!

    And be sure to note that Dark Prince is the sequel to Lion of Macedon. :)

  3. LOL. I thoought it was one book. Like Dark Prince: Lion of Macedon. Do let me know!

  4. Nope, two. Lion of Macedonia and Dark Prince as the sequel.


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