Monday, December 11, 2006

Blog Tour Day #2

Today for the blog tour we have Marg, but while she has posted, she is going to add to it later, so be sure and check back! Click here.

I got the most interesting Christmas present yesterday. One of my closest online friends logs all the conversations he has with people, so he sent me all the old logs from the first year we knew each other. It's been fun rereading them. Great gift idea, though. I have had so many computers in the time that I have known him that I could never keep it straight, but now I can reread all those conversations that seemed so memorable back then and refresh my memory. It is also interesting to see how much I have changed during that period. Words that were so common in my vocabulary back then, I never would utter (or type) now. Plus, I have aged just a bit in the time, so I would like to think I am more experienced than I was back then... I was in my teens when we started talking and now I am in my 20's. So, it's been fun.

Here's the Blog Tour list in its entirety:
10 December - Kailana
11 December - Marg
12 December - Jennie
13 December - Booklogged
14 December - Rosario
15 December - Cindy
16 December - Carla
17 December - Mailyn
18 December - The Observer
19 December - Elysabeth
20 December - Bookwormom
21 December - Susan
22 December - Chris, the button guy, posting on my blog
23 December - Melrose Plant
24 December - Carl V./Dance Chica

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  1. That's a great gift your friend gave you. I started trying to keep my convo with my close friends but couldn't keep track . LOL.


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