Sunday, February 25, 2007

Life in Review

Alright, so I have been reading, but not reviewing. I have read the following books lately that have not been reviewed. For starters, I have been reading Renaissance Drama for a class at university. It is hard to believe that if all goes well I graduate in May. Anyways, the plays are:
The Maiden's Tragedy
The Tragedy of Valentinian
The Spanish Tragedy
Atheist's Tragedy
The Maid's Tragedy

I am not going to review these plays. I will just say that Renaissance Drama is not fun to read... the plays are pretty boring. They always have something bad happen, revenge occurs, and lots of people die. There is the Renaissance in a nutshell. That was the thing that they seemed to enjoy to watch. Watching, I can see them being interesting... reading, not really how I want to spend my afternoon.

Other than that, I have to review:
The Light-Bearer's Daughter by O.R. Melling
Fool's Errand
by Robin Hobb
Heir to the Shadow by Anne Bishop
The Eagle's Brood by Jack Whyte

It has not been a large reading month, mostly just stuff for school, but it was a good month. Mostly fantasy for the most part. I think that might be the theme for the rest of the year because I really want to read more from Anne Bishop, Jack Whyte, and Robin Hobb just to name a few. Robin Hobb was my favourite find for the month. I wish I had read the trilogy that comes before the one that I started with, but I didn't even know it worked like that. Hopefully things will work out and I can sit down in the next couple of days and write reviews. I also have two books that I could finish by the end of the month, but I will have to see how that goes.

Anyways, just mostly posting so that I show some life on what has been a very dead blog the last couple weeks. I also should point out that my other blog, Twisted Kingdom, is hopefully going to be going through some changes in the coming months. I will keep you posted on what happens, but be sure to head over there and see what has been happening.

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