Monday, February 26, 2007

The Light-Bearer's Daughter by O.R. Melling

Books Completed: 22
Completion Date: February 5, 2007
Publication Year: 2001 (2004 for the 4-in-1 book)
Owned Prior to 2007
Book Three in The Golden Book of Faerie

The Light-Bearer's Daughter tells the story of eleven-year-old Dana, who is about to emigrate to Canada from Ireland with her father, despite her protests. If she leaves, how will she ever find her mother, who disappeared when she was three?

As Dana grapples with her father's decision, she is unwittingly drawn into the world of Faerie. She encounters a mysterious young woman who calls her into the woods. There, Dana is charged with an important mission: she must carry an urgent message from the High King of Faerie to his second-in-command deep in the mountains. If she succeeds, Dana will be granted her heart's desire - any wish will come true.

But why has the High King of Faerie chosen Dana for this mission, and what does it have to do with her long-lost mother?
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Authors Gender:
Female: 21
Male: 1

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