Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Many Apologies

I am aware I am supposed to be a book review blog, but I caught a cold and it was really bad the first couple days, but I am feeling much better today. I just have a really bad cough for the most part. So, it is my goal to catch up on reading and blogging in the next few days. I hope that will happen!

In other news, Tom went to the doctor yesterday and they STILL do not know what is wrong with him. It has been since January, so it is getting a bit stressful to wonder what is going to be happening. All we know is that there appears to be an abnormality on his brain, but they are not sure what it is at the moment, so they are not sure what method to curing they are going to have to take. So, he is looking at another month to wait for another test and then have them tell him what it is. It's all pretty crazy because in the meantime, he cannot work, and unless something changes, he is not allowed to work until at least 6 months after treatment because he works at a place where it is dangerous to have spells. He does not even have a diagnosis yet.

I do not really have anything else to say.... oh, I picked out my grad pictures today. I have to admit, me and my mother were looking at them and it did not really look like me at all! I just hope nothing screws up and I do not end up graduating, because I am actually starting to look forward to everything... I think... I have to admit, school is a lot of the reason why my blog is so dead. I have a lot of schoolwork this semester!

And, that is the end of me and my boring life. I promise to write some reviews and stop rambling on shortly. Oh, and where is everyone's list of TEN BOOKS YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT? I cannot make a very good master list of the books that bloggers cannot live without if I only have like five lists... Just ten books, then comment to tell me that you participated. It's fun, and just think of the completed product! Remember, you have until April 15th!

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  1. I'm working on my list. Will try to get it finalized and to you by this weekend. :-)


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