Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This is Sandy...

Just in case anyone was wondering what life was like in my house, this is my "baby". Her name is Sandy, and she is going to be 11 this summer. Her sister was hit by a car about seven years ago, which was very sad, but Sandy is older now than Shelby ever saw. (Same parents, different litter). Anyways, she is slowing down, and arthritis and hip problems are very common in golden retrievers, but we are hoping she will hold out for a couple years longer. I promised her that I would not make her suffer, but I would not mind having her around a bit longer. See, this is when you know people should not be parents, when they cannot even taken care of their dogs. In other words, she began her life belonging to my father, but when my parents divorced, he just left her, so I adopted her as my own. The dogs liked me pretty well, anyways, so it was not hard. Me and my father used to fight about Shelby, actually... He liked her, just poor Sandy was not the best behaved puppy in the world. But, she seems to like me, and she follows me everywhere I go, so I think she has had a pretty good life. She's laying her beside me as I write this actually. I call her Rascal. I have since she was a puppy and she refuses to come to anyone else if they call her that (they have tried). I have special rights. When she was a puppy I used to call her "little one" too, but she is not really very little anymore. And now she is here for attention, so I will end this for now.


  1. Actually you sound like a very nice "mom"! People get so attached to their pets, that it is hard to let go of them!!

  2. She looks very sweet! When you've had a rough day there's nothing like the love of your dog to make you feel better.

    I heard on TV yesterday that several years ago (maybe 20 or more) someone did a poll on how many people considered their dog a part of the family. The number was like around 40%. Now, that number is up to like 95%!


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