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Mr. Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange

Books Completed: 47
Completion Date: March 2007
Publication Year: 2007
Pages: 329
Received as a review copy in 2007

Pride and Prejudice is the most popular romance of all time, and in this enjoyable retelling Amanda Grange allows us to see the events of Jane Austen's famous novel from Mr Darcy's point of view.

Scenes only hinted at in the original are here recorded in detail and brought to life as Darcy writes of his horror at discovering his sister's plans to elope with George Wickham, his efforts to separate Charles Bingley from Miss Jane Bennet and his disgust at having to arrange a marriage between George Wickham and Miss Lydia Bennet.

But, most satisfying of all, he discloses his feelings for Elizabeth. Darcy's Diary records the full story of their courtship, from initial hostility to their eventual love, before revealing a tantalizing glimpse of their early married life.
In March I was offered the chance to read this book by the publisher and even though I am not really the biggest Pride and Prejudice fan in the world, I decided that it would be interesting to see an authors interpretation of how Mr. Darcy saw everything. It is too bad Jane Austen never had the idea when she was alive to write another book from the other perspective, I am sure it would have been a big success!

Anyways, I quite enjoyed this read. It is a quick one written in diary format, but I found that it was quite easy to picture Mr. Darcy sitting at his desk writing these things. It is interesting how the author saw Darcy's side of the story. Now, here is a question for you, it has been quite some time since I read Pride and Prejudice, so I was wondering, am I right in thinking that his first name was never revealed or was it and I just do not remember? I just had to ask. Maybe one day I will reread Pride and Prejudice and see.

This book is quite good for a diary-style book. It is hard to write books in that style because you want the diary to be believable, but at the same time there is an expectation that the writing always capture the readers attention. I just have a thing with diaries and books written in that style, I just find them interesting reading. Especially old diaries from long ago people. From doing the The Books Bloggers Cannot Live Without poll, I am finding that I am talking to a lot of people when I say that this is good fan fiction. It captures Darcy quite well, and even though I found myself with Colin Firth's (he's the one in the new movie right?) voice in my head, I recommend that everyone read the inner thoughts of the infamous Mr. Darcy.

I especially like how Grange refers to his feelings towards Elizabeth Bennet's mother and when some people tell Mr. Darcy just how wrongly he says things to the people that he encounters! All your favourites are here, you just see a different side of them.



  1. P&P fan10:52 AM

    Mr. Darcy's first name is Fitzwilliam! He signed his full name on the letter he wrote to Elizabeth defending himself after he proposed to her and was rejected.

  2. I knew his name was Fitzwilliam, but I couldn't remember if that was said in the book or has been added by all the P&P fan fiction.

  3. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Colin firth is the one in the BBC production. The recent movie had little to do with the novel

  4. I've seen this one around, and knowing my addiction to All Things Austen, have nobly resisted picking it up.

    After reading this, though, I just might have to cave.

  5. You lucky duck! How'd you get it for free? I'd love to read this. It's going on the list.

  6. I'm always scared to read take offs of Pride and Prejudice, and there's so many of them! I tried one once and it was awful. I only made it a chapter or two and had to quit. Maybe I'll have to try this one. I enjoyed your review and the book does sound interesting.

  7. I have just finished reading the Pamela Aidan trilogy (An Assembly Such As This; Duty and Desire; and These Three Remain) which retells the story through Darcy's point of view. I must say I loved her take on it. I'll have to keep this one in mind as well.

  8. I finished this book yesterday and was quite sad to put it down. It's been an enjoyable journey reading Mr Darcy's Diary, knowing his thoughts and fears! It's refreshing to see things from his point of view. :) I reviewed the book here.


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