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Flight of the Nighthawks by Raymond E. Feist

Books Completed: 58
Completion Date: April 13, 2007
Publication Year: 2007
Pages: 400
Purchased in 2007
Book One of the Darkwar Saga

A portent of annihilation awakens the powerful sorcerer Pug in the dead of night—a dread vision warning of a vast and terrible army descending upon the exposed heart of Midkemia. Even the formidable might of the Tsurani Empire will not beat back the alien invaders. And in far Stardock town, two boys—untrained, unready, and barely come of age—will be called upon by the mysterious Conclave of Shadows to confront a sinister plot that implicates even the highest-ranking nobles in the land. For a nightmare of treason, intrigue, and murder is brewing among an ancient Brotherhood of Death—a clan of merciless assassins whose name is spoken only in fearful whispers . . .

Raymond E. Feist is a fantasy author that has interested me for a while as someone that I want to read, but despited owning several of his books, I had never read him. This was my first attempt at reading him, and while I am aware that it is one of his newest books, I still felt the need to read it and then backtrack to his older books. I really liked the writing style of this author, so I will look forward to reading more from him.

The problem with this book is it is about characters that are first introduced in Feist's first books, so in a way it is a spoiler to earlier books to tell everything that happens in this book in case someone intends to read them. I do not mind because at least I know now that I like the author, but other people are more concerned with reading books in order. There are a lot of main characters in this book. I will just be very general with my comments on this book so I do not reveal too much to anyone interested in this series.

I will say that I think this is an interesting series from an interesting author. I really enjoyed the characters as well. There were a lot of different personalities shown that show an interesting contrast. I look forward to going back to the older books and talking about all the characters in their early start.



  1. I haven't read this book, but I've read a number of Feist's other books... I really don't like Pug, so I didn't enjoy Magician (the first book that introduces us to Midkemia), but I loved the other books I've read of his (where other characters have as important a role as Pug does)... Maybe I'll have to pick this one up at some point in time.

  2. Pug wasn't essential to this book. I didn't want to ruin it for others, but there are other characters in the book that are interesting. Maybe I won't like Pug either, I will have to see (reading the first book currently). I do not know how this book fits in with his others, but I liked it.

  3. I read Feist's Riftwar books and lost interest after Shadow of a Dark Queen when I felt that the series was starting to drag on past it's time.

    I's be interested in hearing your opinion on Flight of the Nighthawks in comparison to The Magician, maybe it's time to re-visit Feist via his new stuff :D

  4. Anonymous3:24 AM

    I'm on summer vacation and two weeks ago I found a used copy of magician apprentice in my fathers bookstore.
    I loved it, the plot, the characters, everything. In the last two weeks I've read master, silverthorn, A darkness at sethanon, and I began Prince of blood tonight.
    I think my favorite character would have to be Jimmy the hand. It was a close rivalry between him and Amos the pirate. Although Pug or Milamber as I prefer to call him was an excellant choice for the first book to be centered on.
    If your a science fiction fan then neglecting these books would be like neglecting Lord of the rings.
    To my Fellow book readers I bid ya'll a good night.


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