Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fun New Book Service is a free service of finding the best price on books among the major online stores. Our real time engine can help you save as muchas 80% from the retail price on new & used books,cds and dvds. We have introduce innovative features and tools like finding the best price of several books together, which might reduce the high shipping costs and save even more money. And now we are offering the new "RSS Price Watcher" that enables you to track the price of a specific book and with your own preferences (shipping, currency, condition, etc) using RSS feeds.

I have not actually used this yet, but I plan to! There are always books that I am price watching to get the best deal on, especially when they are out of print, so I look forward to using this great idea. It's amazing when things like this come out, so logical but took so long to come to my attention. Hopefully this will help people out.

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