Friday, July 06, 2007

Fabulous Friday

So, as I said yesterday, I am reading Terry Goodkind right now. I will likely finish up book one, Wizard's First Rule, today, and then I am left with deciding what to read next. I sort of want to read the next book, but it is just over 1000 pages. I am thinking that about 1800 pages of the same characters might bore me because I am not super big in reading the same author in a row. If I was I probably would not have so many unfinished series! So, I think I will probably take a break and read something else and then come back to book two. Wizard's First Rule is a great first book to a series. Better than some of the other first books I have read this year and thought were great. The 11th book in the series comes out in November, so I am wondering if I can read all ten books by the time it comes out in paperback...

Right, so I need to talk about something. I am thinking that Raid (the bug killer) is universal. Am I the only one that things they are going the wrong way with their commercials? They make ants and other insects cutsy and then you go and kill them and you think about this little ant with a microphone. Obviously people still kill them, but what is up with the commercials. If I was making a commercial about bugs to kill I would go a more horror film sort of method than these "cute" animals being murdered. I think that everytime I see the commercials.

Next week, as I have said, Michelle Moran will be posting on my blog, and then, I think, the next week I will work out my idea for the Challenge Yourself Challenge. So, if people are interested, it will be then that you get all your info. I hope that people will join in!

So, what are other people reading? Any big plans for the weekend? It's supposed to rain all weekend, so not sure if I will go very far. I might just read! At the same time, it would be nice to be able to go outside and read. Plus, my house is in the process of being painted and only one side has managed to be completed because that is the only time there has been a chance to do anything! Also, the house that I grew up in, my father still lives there, is up for sale! I have not figured out why yet, but looks like it should be a quick sell. People were calling about it before it was even listed. So, it's a little sad that strangers will be living in my house, but then I think about how my father has a whole new family, so maybe strangers have been living there for a long time and it really is no big!

Interesting, just as I went to post this I heard my sister speak. I know it sounds weird but she gets in moods where she doesn't talk, so I have not heard her say anything but the most necessary in a week. Guess the mood has passed!


  1. wow, if I had the books I could never NOT read the entire series.. I don't know how you do that.. if I have an unfinished series (because the last book hasn't been released) then when it DOES come out I have to reread the first two before I can read the new one! So I wind up reading them all at once anyway lol

  2. I wish I could do that, but I get bored! I need variety.


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