Friday, July 06, 2007

Thoughts on a Thursday

I am getting impatient with my reviews from last month because all I seem to have left is bad reviews, and I just hate writing bad reviews. If I take the time to read a book, I want to like it, but I read like five bad books last month and they were all bunched together. So, I am glad it is July and I am reading good books! I started the month off with Neil Gaiman, and how can a month be bad if it starts off with him? I have read both InterWorld and M is for Magic. Both were great and I will be posting about both of them very soon, as soon as I finish off the leftover reviews from June.

So, what else is good about July? I am in love with Terry Goodkind. I have always avoided that series because it is on the list, but there are nine books, and I wanted to finish other series first... but, the second hand bookstore had 7 of them yesterday and I had credit and my friend was encouraging, so well, I bought them all. Well, not buy, spent my credit on. I started Wizard's First Rule last night and I am hooked. So, yeah, so much for avoiding another long series! But, if I end up really liking the series than credit is a wonderful thing! The books range in page length, but the first one is 800 and something pages. Excellent beginning, though, and I am really interested to learn what happens next. I was up until 3 this morning making a dent in it, and I really could have stayed up later, but I did think I needed a little bit of sleep. I imagine tonight will be another late night, though...

So, right now I am watching a rerun of the television show The View. Why? Bon Jovi is on it and I missed it last time he was on there, so I am watching to hear what he has to say and listen to him sing. When Chris Benoit had his big scandal, Tom asked me if there was anyone that I consider my hero. He was thinking famous, and you know, I do not really. Sure, there are actors and actresses that I like watching, but I would not really call a celebrity my hero. If I had to choose heroes they would be authors because I would much rather read a book than watch a movie. That being said, there are people that I would be sad to not see anymore of, and Bon Jovi is one of those such people.

Anyways, a few people have mentioned interest in my challenge, anymore people out there that are interested? You have until near the end of July to let me know and then I will make my decision, and do not forget that Michelle Moran is taking over my blog next week! I know that I am pretty excited! Oh, and do not forget Colleen Gleason's contest over on Twisted Kingdom. See the sticky post at the top of this blog to get all the details! It's a great prize, an advanced reading copy of her new book months before it hits stores!

Oh, and check out the HUGE fish that Tom (yes, this is Tom) caught: (not a great pic because someone else took it and he scanned it).


  1. Kailana, I know what you mean about getting hooked on a long series. I have several I need to finish up, too. Never read Terry Goodkind, but I'm going to try to hold off for now. Try not to rave about him, too much, okay? ;)

  2. Interworld sounds really similar to Neverwhere - did you read that one and if so, is that true?

    And where the heck did Tom catch that whopper?

  3. Booklogged: I promise to try and be good... I plan to finish the book very soon so maybe ignore my blog for a few days? haha

    lesley: I never made a connection between the two books when I was reading InterWorld, so no, I don't think they are all that alike. I think I liked Neverwhere better than Interworld, though.

    And that whopper is a salt lake bass, one of the perks of living on the ocean I guess! I am trying to take him into taking me but they go in the middle of the night so no girls go :(

  4. I'm glad to hear you liked Interworld! My copy is not here yet, I'm starting to fear it was lost in the mail :(

  5. That sucks! I hope it turns up!

  6. Cool looking forward to reading your Gaiman reviews. Reading bad books is annoying, but yay for July and good books!


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