Monday, August 20, 2007

R.I.P., the Second

I am very fond of Carl's challenges because they open up such wonderful reading experiences! So, when he posted that we are allowed to start, I decided that the book I was just about to read worked, so I am going to kick this challenge off! I am going to aim for 20 books that meet the criteria, but I am not going to really say exactly what I am going to read.

I have some options. The book I started tonight is Star Trek: Mirror Universe: Glass Empires. Normally Star Trek might not really work, but since it is the mirror universe where everything is different than the regular universe, it works for me.

Some books I am thinking about:
Queen of the Darkness by Anne Bishop
Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop
The Invisible Ring by Anne Bishop
Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong
Haunted by Kelley Armstrong
Broken by Kelley Armstrong
No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong
The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie
Gravelight by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Heartlight by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Enchantment by Orson Scott Card
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter
Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

And many other possibilities...


  1. Great choices! I've read the Card and Clarke book and loved them both. I've got 20 books planned too...what can I say, great minds think alike ;)

  2. I've only read the last 3 in your list, and they were all excellent. Happy reading!

  3. 20 books?! Let me pick myself off the floor! ha,ha.. Wow, I have no doubt you can do it. I'm so excited about this challenge too but you better believe I won't be signing up for that many :)

  4. Hmmm I've read several of those and enjoyed them all. (Kelly Armstrong/Anne Bishop and Sussanna Clarke are all really good authors and I enoyed all the books that they wrote on that list)

  5. Looks like you've got some good books listed. I haven't read any of them! I've got a good twenty books listed but I'm only committing to at least 10. Can't wait to read your reviews!

  6. Chris: Yes, Carl said you planning to read 20 as well. I don't know why I haven't read Clarke yet, I have owned it since it came out.

    Nymeth: I have owned those three books for a while, so it would be nice to finally read them.

    iliana: I can read 20 books, it is finding books that meet the criteria that is always hard for me.

    raspberry swyrl: I need to read the rest of the Anne Bishop and Kelley Armstrong books I have. It's taken me too long.

    Nicola: I can't wait to see your list either. Last year I got book recommendations galore and now we have the review site, so it will be even better.

  7. Another great list as always. I love the Star Trek Mirror Universe stories. Just watched the Mirror Universe episode in Season Two of Deep Space Nine a week or so ago and loved it. It is such a fun storytelling device. Look forward to your reviews.

  8. The DS9 Mirror Universe storylines were probably the best, I think. There are some other books on the subject I would like to read but they are out of print.

  9. OK....I figured you'd be up for 50!! You read so darned fast!! I don't think I've read most of the books on your list. But they all look really good!!

    This will be such a fun challenge!

  10. 50 might be a bit much... lol I want to read other things too.

  11. wow big list!.. good luck if you read Jonathan Strange..that one I couldn't handle..I think I got bored?..but the fact you read fast is great for a book like that.. maybe you will get past parts I couldn't! lol..anyway.. have fun!

  12. I get bored with some long books too, so we shall see.

  13. i am SO excited about the rip challenge!

    what are the bradley and armstrong books like? what do they write?

  14. jean pierre: It's a great challenge, I had the fun of participating in it last year.

    Armstrong writes paranormal fantasy books with different parnormal characters taking the lead role. The Bradley books, the other two I have read in the Light series were about magicians and witches. I am embarrassed to admit it was years ago that I read the first two so I don't remember them so well. I might have to reread... Both authors tell their stories from the female point of view.

  15. I really like your list, they are all books I hope ot read soon as well (apart from the first 3 Kelley Armstrong books which I have read). I forgot about the Anne Bishop books I haven't read yet doh. I think I am not going to make a list beforehand and just see what I have time for as I am hopefully moving house in September and going on holiday in October.

  16. I forgot to mention that I will be most interested in The Blade Itself.. been hearing good things about it.. I hope it's all true.

  17. I read 'Enchantment' earlier this year and really enjoyed it! I will look forward to reading your review on it (and all the others!). Good for you in starting now - I need to see what I can do to clear my reading slate and get a head start, too.

  18. Rhinoa: I was supposed to move house in September too, but it didn't work out. I now am left jobless and I have student loans coming up. It's very stressful! Good luck to you with all that.

    DesLily: I have heard good things about The Blade Itself too. I am looking forward to reading it.

    Ex Libris: I have had Enchantment for a while, hopefully I will finally find the time to read it! I look forward to reading your reviews as well.

  19. And you even got Mr. Norrell's name correct. I really like Enchantment. Looking forward to your reviews. One of the funnest parts of a challenge is looking over everyone's lists and then reading their reviews.

  20. I agree. Lots of people read books that I have never even heard of before. :)


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