Monday, August 20, 2007

Rambling on Monday

As I posted last night, the R.I.P. Challenge is in full swing! I have been checking out the comments on Stainless Steel Droppings and there are a lot of people signed up to participate, so I think it will be really fun. For those of you that do not read Stainless Steel Droppings, or are not participating in the challenge, you should still check out the Review Blog that Carl has set up for the challenge so yo can get some good recommendations. I am already seeing a lot of interesting books as proposed readings, and I am impressed that one of 'my' ideas is being used by many bloggers. I normally make a long list of what I want to read and then pick a few from it, Carl has adopted and I see "Peril Pools" showing up all over the blogsphere. I am glad to see I am not the only person in the world that cannot follow a set list.

Today is an interesting week. My friend is getting married, the one that just had the baby actually, and this is turning out to be wedding week. Wednesday night they are having their bachelor and bachorette party together, then on Thursday is the wedding shower which is also open to guys and girls, completing with the wedding on Saturday. I have to say, she is 21, I could not imagine having a baby and getting married when I was 21. It might work for her, of course, but I don't think it would work for me. She keeps asking me when I am going to get married, and actually my mothers brother who has never married asked me the same question. It was a bit weird, I have to say. Anyways, I am bringing my camera so I should have wedding pics. They are getting married on the beach, which is where I have always said I would get married if I decide to. I also get to meet Baby Jasmine. I don't do babies very well, I am always awkward around them and baby talk, but I do want to meet her.

Anyways, some reviews are up on Twisted Kingdom. One I posted yesterday and one I posted today. They are both Star Trek, but I am reading other stuff, so I will have un-Trekkie reviews soon. Anyways, head over to Twisted Kingdom to see them.


  1. I totally understand with the marriage and child at 21 thing. I'm 26 and it feels right now and is hopefully in the near future, but at 21, I could NEVER imagine it! In fact a child at 26 still feels like it would be a little odd, but not nearly as alien as it would at 21! Kudos to those who can do it at that young (or younger) of an age!

  2. Yeah, I am 23 and nope, couldn't do it.

  3. uh Kai, I think you got the wrong page linked for Twisted Kingdom! LMAO!

  4. You have a boyfriend, right? That question is going to keep coming up, believe me. Then it will be, "When you going to have a baby? WHen are you going to have another? Are you going to keep trying for a boy/girl?..." It could go on forever.

  5. There was no way I would have been ready to have kids and be married at 21. I got married at 24, and had Chad at 26. THAT was still almost too soon for me!

  6. Am I the only one getting sent to a bible page when clinking on your twisted kingdom link???

  7. I SEE THE PROBLEM! your link is for

    blogPOT instead of blogSPOT!

    I thought Mai was getting hijacked for her blasphemous post not long ago! hee

  8. Thanks Zee, I fixed the typo! I was away all day, so I didn't get the message until now.

    And, yes, I know, a marriage question is common. I am sticking with career right now. :) Now to figure out what that will be.


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