Monday, September 17, 2007

This Just In

I just heard that Robert Jordan, author of The Wheel of Time series died! How crazy is that! I am not a big fan, but for many people it is one of the definitive series in fantasy! I only heard he died, any specific website is not working so I am unsure of the details. Okay, I just read the details and I do not speak doctor, so I still do not have much to offer, I am just, well shocked! This happens too much, authors dying with uncompleted series and cut off in their prime. I have to say I am so sorry for the family, but you cannot help being sorry for the fans that have been following that series and waiting for the end, just for it to not come. Simply terrible!

I had some other things to share, but I think I will leave it at that for tonight.


  1. I read your post and made the mistake of reading it out loud because I was so shocked. My husband is fan of Robert Jordan's. That is sad news. I know he was working on the final book for the series. I don't know how far he'd gotten though. I imagine someone will pick up where he left off, although it's never quite the same that way, is it?

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and fans as well.

  2. Oh my! That's so sad..I haven't read any of the books in the series, but I know how huge of a series that is and how many fans it has. This is really going to hit hard to so many people. What a shocker...I second Literary Feline's thoughts and prayers to his family and fans.

  3. Yeah, it really surprised me when I read it!

  4. I just heard this as well. I read the first 3 or 4 books in the series and loved them but then quit reading because it was just too long between books and the series looked like it would never end. I believe he was working on the last book and left copious notes/outlines/and plans because he knew for so long that he was dying, so at least the series has a chance of being wrapped up. It is just sad that he wasn't able to finish it himself.

  5. Yes, I heard he has it all mapped out. I guess you can finish the series now, by the time you read them all it should be done.


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