Monday, September 17, 2007

Now For All the Things I Wanted to Say Last Night

After posting about the death of Robert Jordan, I decided that was enough for last night, but now I do have a few things I was planning on saying. Three more days until the official start of the Four-Legged Friends Reading Challenge. Do remember that if you decide to start after the 20th, you are very welcome!

Did anyone watch the Emmys last night? I thought it was alright, but the people I wanted to win did not win. And, where was CSI? Being a fan of that show, one of few shows I really enjoy, I was shocked that there were was no nominations for it last night! I hope this does not mean it is going to be going off the air after this year because I really like that show. And, can I just say that I thought Sally Field's speech was wonderful, she really is a great actress! I heard it was censored in some places, it was not here, so I got to hear the whole thing. The Sopranos man at the end of the show also made mention of it, though whether it was meant to be taken seriously or not I am not sure.

The Giller long-list was announced today. I am planning on trying and reading most of them. I have only read Helpless by Barbara Gowdy, so hopefully I can get through several of them between now and the 9th of October when the short-list is announced. I generally like Giller books, so I am excited with this undertaking. I should read more Canadian authors, anyways.

David Chariandy for his novel Soucouyant, Arsenal Pulp Press
Sharon English for her collection of short stories Zero Gravity, The Porcupine’s Quill
Barbara Gowdy for her novel Helpless, HarperCollins Canada
Elizabeth Hay for her novel Late Nights on Air, McClelland & Stewart
Lawrence Hill for his novel The Book of Negroes, HarperCollins Canada
Paulette Jiles for her novel Stormy Weather, HarperCollins Canada
D.R. MacDonald for his novel Lauchlin of the Bad Heart, HarperCollins Canada
Claire Mulligan for her novel The Reckoning of Boston Jim, Brindle & Glass Publishing
Mary Novik for her novel Conceit, Doubleday Canada
Michael Ondaatje for his novel Divisadero, McClelland & Stewart
Daniel Poliquin for his novel A Secret Between Us, trans. Donald Winkler, Douglas & McIntyre
M.G. Vassanji for his novel The Assassin’s Song, Doubleday Canada
Michael Winter for his novel The Architects Are Here, Penguin Books Canada
Richard Wright for his novel October, HarperCollins Canada, a Phyllis Bruce Book
Alissa York for her novel Effigy, Random House Canada


  1. I rarely get to watch TV these days, but CSI is definitely a show I enjoy. I can't imagine they'd cancel it...but then I never really can figure out the decisions made by the TV execs.

  2. I only like CSI in Las Vegas!! That guy in the Miami show is so annoying I can't watch it!!

    Wow....can you believe I haven't heard of one of those books?? I will be watching all of your reviews for those that I should look for!


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