Monday, September 10, 2007

Today is the Day

Despite all my hopes, Sandy is not getting any better. My mother is going to take her in, she is too worried I will change my mind once I get there. I would love to be able to. Even though I knew this was coming, making that decision today was still hard. So, as long as the vet will squeeze us in, today is the day.

Well, I sort of feel relieved. We decided to go to an entirely different vet and they agreed with me. They think there is something wrong with her stomach too. They are going to check her over, but they were rather shocked that I was told golden retrievers did not have stomach troubles. When we were at the vet the other day they checked everything but her stomach. They also said I am very lucky that Sandy lived as long as she did, golden retrievers have short life spans. She is the fourth golden retriever we have had. One lives with my father, but the other two died before they even reached their double digits. Mind you, it was cancer and a car accident that took them, but still. We had another golden retriever when I was a little kid, before we got Shelby, who was Sandy's older sister, but I do not like to talk about that one. We were told she 'ran away'. Anyways, this vet seemed to take me seriously, so I feel much better about my decision today.

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