Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My Giller-a-thon

Life got in the way, and I did not get to finish my Giller-a-thon. I still intend to read the ten that I own, and now I will likely buy a copy of Daniel Poliquin's novel. If I can find it easily. Of the short-list, I have read Divisadero. Of the three I have completed, and the one that I am working my way through, it is still my favourite. Obviously, October and Helpless did not make the short list. I am not really surprised, even if I have nothing to judge it by, because both authors are capable of much better books. In my opinion, anyways. That being said, I am reading Late Nights on Air right now, and while I am not finished it so my opinion can change, I am not super excited with it.

So, I will continue reading. I imagine I will concentrate on the short-list and then read the other books later. I need more hours in the day, I really do! So, what does everyone think? Will it be one of the books by an author that have never won before, Ondaatje who is a seasoned Canadian writer, or will Vassanji pick up his third Giller win? The critics are voting for Vassanji. I will save my opinion until I read the other 4 books and finish the 5th.

I am really surprised that Lawrence Hill did not make the short list. That book looks like it would be a great read... I will see if my problem persists when I actually have read the book. Yes, I did say I need more hours in the day!

The jury named the finalists. They are:

Elizabeth Hay for her novel Late Nights on Air, McClelland & Stewart
Michael Ondaatje for his novel Divisadero, McClelland & Stewart
Daniel Poliquin for his novel A Secret Between Us, trans. Donald Winkler, Douglas & McIntyre
M.G. Vassanji for his novel The Assassin’s Song, Doubleday Canada
Alissa York for her novel Effigy, Random House Canada

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