Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My How Time Flies

So, I am just posting to say hi! I have been insanely busy lately, so I have not had a lot of time for any of my blogs. Actually, I just read my second book of the month today... It's the 8th! Er, well, I guess it is the 9th now. In any case, I have been really busy. And, I don't think I am sleeping very well lately, so I wake up tired and end up falling asleep reading. In many ways, I feel like I had more time when I was still in university! But, I found a job. I like it so far, I am playing it by ear right now, but I think I might stay with it for a while. I want to teach overseas, and I still plan to, but right now I think I would just be running away from all the things I need to fix in my life. So, while I still plan to go overseas, I think I am going to plan for next September. I would rather fix everything and come back to a happy life than go overseas and come home to a huge mess. That's the plan anyways. I have given myself until November to see what I think about my job and I will still have time then to change my mind and go overseas.

In other news, are any of my blog readers fans of the band Nightwish? I am all up in the air about that band. I bought their new CD yesterday, and for those that listen to them, you would know that they have a new lead singer. I have all the Nightwish CDs, and I was trying to be loyal, but I can't decide what I think of this new singer. I also haven't had time to listen to the entire CD yet. The first song is like 14 mins long! Nightwish's old singer has a Christmas CD, and she has a regular CD coming out sometime soon. I can't wait, she has an amazing range. I listen to really weird music. I think the only mainstream band I listen to is Bon Jovi. Or, Cold, I like Cold. Are they considered mainstream? Otherwise, most of my musical interests are imports. And, well, I do listen to Canadian music, too. I am very patriotic. But mostly, I often feel like I listen to what I read. I know that sounds weird, but I listen to what I think would be considered the music of fantasy novels, and then with some Canadian music thrown in. That's how I read.


  1. Good morning! :P

    What's your new job? I hope it works out for you.

  2. I was wondering what your new job was too ;) I think that teaching overseas sounds incredible, but I think that you're going about things the responsible way and waiting a year to get things together first. Too much stress will drive you nuts!

    I've never heard of Nightwish before...I'll have to check them out. I love Cold though! Glad to find another fan :) They're one of me and Megan's favorite bands!

  3. I currently work at a hotel. It was the only non-minimum wage job I could find in my little town!

    Nightwish is awesome, you should have a listen. I also like Lacuna Coil (the lead singer did a duet on the new Megadeth CD), Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, etc.


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