Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Days Off....

So, I just had a nice mini-break from work. Three whole days off in a row! I guess my hours are getting cut back for a couple months, so I have to enjoy my days off while I have the money to do things. Normally I hate more than a couple days off at a time because I get bored without work. Pretty pathetic, huh? I can be a bit of a workaholic. These passed three days off were great, though! On Saturday, me and one of my friends went on a day trip to a town about an hour away. We pretty much just puttered around and then turned around and drove back. We picked someone else up, and then we ended up at the movies. We saw The Other Boelyn Girl and I hated it! People are really surprised about that, but I could not wait for it to get over and I will never watch it again. The other two people I was with enjoyed it, so all the power to them! The rest of Saturday night was spent with a friend doing nothing special, or at least, nothing that I can easily recall.

Sunday was an interesting day. My friend bought a crockpot. He was going to try it out on Sunday, but he didn't think he would have the time to get everything going in the morning. So, I volunteered. This might not seem like a big deal, but I hate to cook, so volunteering to come to his aid was a very big deal for me. I am so proud of myself, though, because the food turned out awesome! I think I like this slow-cooking thing, and can see myself actually cooking with it. It was just pork, potatoes, and carrots. The sauce was barbecue sauce. It was simple, but really good. I will be enjoying that claim to fame for a while. Sunday night I went to karaoke with the same friend. He sings, I don't. They were trying to get me to sing, and once in a while they do succeed, but I just enjoyed watching. He is an amazing singer! He is very nice and lets me pick one of his songs. Then, it is 'my song' for a while, and he will sing it for me even when I am not there. The current song of choice is 'Three Dressed Up As A Nine' by Trooper. His version is much better than the original. He just sang it for fun one night and now he is stuck with it. I imagine I will need a new song soon.

Monday was another day trip. We went to this big park about an hour from here. We have had some rain lately, and then it got cold again, so everything was a big sheet of ice. I was wearing sneakers, of all things, and my friends coat. I have this thing with the first sign of nice wearing changing my winter coat for a spring one. I was really not dressed for the adventure, but it was fun. I almost fell a million times, but my friend has good reflexes and was wearing shoes with a grip, so they came to my aid. One time I slipped and caused them to slip and it would have been very bad if they hadn't caught their balance because they would have went over the side of a very big hill. The stupid things that I do, I sometimes wonder how my friends put up with me! But, I was laughing at myself and there was a girl in front of us that kept falling. She has a good set of lungs on her, which, of course, just made me laugh more. I promise I am mostly sane.

Anyways, it was an interesting three days off. Right now I am at work, I took a quick moment to at least update, and my weekend is what is on my mind. I did read a bit, so hopefully I will be back in the reviewing mood soon.


  1. I heard bad things about The Other Boleyn Girl. It's a shame. It has such potential.

    I love my Crock-Pot but I usually forget to use it until it's too late in the day.

    Nice to see you posting a bit!

  2. Did you read The Other Boelyn Girl before seeing the movie? Glad you had fun on your days off. Sounds like lots of different types of activities to keep your life interesting.

  3. Sorry you didn't enjoy Boleyn, I actually enjoyed it myself which was really a surprise because I anticipated not enjoying it at all.

    Love crock pot cooking, it is the best! And so easy.

  4. If you don't like to cook, slow cookers are a great option!

  5. I hate cooking as well, but one of the only ways I'll do it is with a crockpot because they're SO easy.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day! ;]


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