Thursday, June 05, 2008

If anyone still reads this blog.... HI! I dropped off the face of the planet again. I am really bad for that this year! Anyways, I am alive. I am trying to finish my last Once Upon a Time book and I need to do a wrap-up post for the Themed Reading Challenge. Then I will at least have accomplished two reading goals for the year. Yay! I hardly touched a book all May because of a crazy work schedule and hardly ever being home. Such is life, I suppose. Right now I am reading the fabulous (I hope) Sara Douglass for the first time. I started with The Serpent Bride. I am aware that this is not the first book I should be reading, but it had such a pretty cover... I am still very fresh into it, but I am enjoying it so far. I am hoping it will be my last read for the Once Upon a Time challenge because I REFUSE to not finish! I mean, this is me! Up until this year fantasy was my bread and water and now I am struggling to find time to read it. It is just crazy. Then, I will hopefully finish all the books I have started and not finished this year. The pile is a bit crazy. I just get busy and distracted and more often than not, forget that I even have a book on the go....

Anyways, I saw the new Chronicles of Narnia in theatres the other night. It was really good! I think I liked it better than the first movie. I had started to reread the book beforehand, but it did not happen, and I started to rewatch the movie and that did not happen either. Such is life. My friend managed to finish the movie, though, and he said that it made it all that much better seeing the new one. I told him to shut up. I still haven't seen Indiana Jones, but I really hope to get there before it leaves theatres... I managed to rewatch the first two movies, but I have not had a chance to watch the third one. Maybe this weekend. I know that the movie is not getting the best reviews from everyone, but I am trying to ignore people's thoughts until I see it for myself!

Something that has been on my mind of late is what it is to be a girl. My friends have been pointing out lately that I am not very girlie, and I find myself wondering what exactly that means. I mean, I am a girl, so does that not guarantee that however I act is girlie? My guy friend even said that he is more girlie than I am. And, several times lately I have had people comment on how my new jacket has made me dress more girlie... So, I ask, how was I dressing before? I mean, I guess I am not the most ordinary girl out there. I was not waiting in line to see Sex and the City, I am a huge Trekkie, I love fantasy novels, and I am told that I like music that generally has a large male audience. I have no idea what has sparked all these observations, but I have been hearing them lately. It is not like I don't want to be a girl, it is more that I just don't want to be one of those fake, plastic girls that are so common. I am just trying to decide whether I should take everything people have been saying lately as a compliment or not. I am just me, and while I am not perfect, I like me. I have issues with myself once in a while, of course, and I am sure there are things that I really need to work on, but at the same time I am who I am. Just something that has been on my mind lately.

I know I am behind in a lot of things, and I do apologize for that. I hopefully will catch up on things soon! No promises, though.


  1. welcome back! The beauty of google reader is that as soon as you post, we get to read it and think - "oh yeah, Kaliana, haven't seen her in a while" so we can't forget you.
    good for finishing challenges, the reading will come when it comes.

  2. Welcome back to the land of blogging!

    About being a girl and not seeming girly:

    I'm in the same boat. I like my jeans and t-shirts. I love AC/DC. I don't like wearing dresses, I hate trying to do anything with my hair. I rarely wear makeup.

    It used to bother me. But really, what is girly? Isn't it a throwback to the 1950s and poodle skirts?

    And who wants to be ordinary anyway? Be extraordinary.

  3. The Serpent Bride looks good I have a couple of her series I must read soon"!

  4. Hi Kailana! Well, the best person to be is.................................

    YOU! =) Have fun being yourself.

  5. raidergirl: Yeah, that is very true! I am always so far behind on my blog reading, though, I usually do not notice when people drop off the face of the planet!

    the duck thief: Oh, no worries, I like being me. I guess I am just trying to figure out what brought all this discussion of my tomboyish qualities to such a central topic of conversation lately. Some I took to heart, I guess one of my jackets looked really bad on me, so it went off to greener pastures.

    Clare: It is really good so far, you should read her!

    Josette: I am enjoying being myself lately, thanks. :)


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