Friday, June 06, 2008

What Was Old Is New Again

I have found this year that while my reading and computer-usage is at an all-time low, I have managed to explore some music that I never really listened to before. I like a lot of, what my friends say, weird stuff. My best find of 2008 by far was Rush, which I have mentioned several times on here lately. Earlier this week, though, my friend was playing a Boston CD. There are several Boston songs that I have heard before and know all the words to, but I have never really listened to them before. Now I am addicted to one song: Higher Power. I love that song and I guess I have never heard it before, so I have been playing it over and over again. Now I wish I had paid more attention to Boston before. My music friend keeps saying that I just like all this stuff because he does. He is crazy, but at least at the core he knows that. I am not really the sort to like something just because other people do. I just am paying attention to things that I never really noticed before.

He ruined Cold As Ice by Foreigner for me, though. He sings and his version is way better than the original. I had not listened to Foreigner in a while, so I popped the CD in the other night and listened to that song and I was just disappointed! I was really sad because I like Foreigner, but he sings a much more raunchy (sp?) version that just sounds ten times better. I find the Foreigner version boring! Crazy, huh? I have to stop listening to him sing, he keeps ruining my songs. I guess that is the problem when a lot of the songs he sings are songs I like. It is so great that he doesn't read my blog, because that would go right to his head! haha.

I am still trucking along with Sara Douglass. For the page length, it is actually quite a quick read. If I sit down with it for some quality time a couple times, I should have no problem finishing it. That being said, I rarely have the time to just sit down with a book and have no other distractions. Ah, well, such is life.

On to other things. It seems I have returned to the blogging world just in time for Etsy Week over at Stainless Steel Droppings. Perfect timing, I think, because I love art. Especially art with a bit of a fantasy feel to it. Anyways, I was just looking through all the different art pieces today, and I was thinking that so far I think Jennifer Gordon is my favourite artist he has showcased. Her art is fabulous! (In the Dreaming)
I am not sure what it is that sets her above the others that he has shown, but I love it. The themes, use of different mediums, and even the titles really speak to me. I am very tempted to head over to her web site and browse, but browsing can be expensive! I have her bookmarked for a future shopping experience, though. Isn't she wonderful, though?
(The Other Side of Yesterday)

Don't get me wrong, the other artists are all great too in their own ways, but Gordon's work just seems to call to me. Be sure to head over to Stainless Steel Droppings to see the rest of the artists and more from Jennifer.

On another note.... I am going to see Indiana Jones tonight! Yay! My friend asked me if I still wanted to see it at theatres, and I said yes, but no one wants to go and I hate spending money to go to the movies alone. No matter how much I want to see a movie, it just is not worth it to me. So, he is taking me! I love my friends, they do come through for me in the end. He likes Indiana Jones, but he wasn't sure if it was worth seeing on the big screen. I didn't see the original three on the big screen, so I mostly want to go just because I can. And, I did see some reviews, so I am trying to not get TOO excited so as to not be disappointed... Who am I kidding, I was counting down the days until this movie came out. This and Prince Caspian were the two movies I was most looking forward to this year.

And, I got distracted by Jennifer Gordon's website... My mind is running through whether I have anywhere to hang any of her art. See, I knew this would happen. Carl is evil on the pocket book, huh? But we love him. I imagine I can get away with one piece from her, but then I would have to narrow it down! I better get off the computer now or I will be here all day. Have a great day everyone! (Maybe two pieces... The other one would get lonely, right?)


  1. Carl's doing a great job of showcasing some great artists.

  2. That he is! Great idea, I think. :)

  3. I'm so glad you connected with Jennifer's work. It really does have something (not sure how to describe it either) that sets her work apart. I look forward to interviewing her and hope you are around online when that happens so that you can check it out.


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