Saturday, September 06, 2008

An Announcement and Some Other Stuff

Okay, so I have a review to write, but I actually wrote a couple for Historical Tapestry last night, so it is not like I am slacking... I am just going to talk about other things and first thing tomorrow there will be a review on here to read!

First up, Michelle Moran, author of last years Nefertiti and this years The Heretic Queen, will be appearing on Historical Tapestry for a week in September! I am very excited, and I think you should head over to Historical Tapestry for all the details! It's going to be great!

Moving on. I did really good this year with the book buying, but I sort of slipped these last couple weeks. I just had an order come in, and, well, now I have another one coming...

It contains:
The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry (This looks really good)
The Terror by Dan Simmons (I blame all of you!)
The Empress of the Last Days (A bargain book)
Rolling Stone the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (not for me, but I probably will read it)

Now, would you like to know the annoying thing? I didn't get them from Amazon.... I have a gift certificate for Amazon and I went elsewhere... I find I am doing that a lot lately! Why, you might ask? Because the last book was twice as much on Amazon and The Terror would take too long to ship. I am all about instant gratification. If an associate stumbles upon my blog, please be advised, I had a GIFT CERTIFICATE and I had to go somewhere else! Now, I will use the gift certificate at a later date, but really, it is crazy I had to go elsewhere for my books.

I am currently reading The Ladies of Grace Adieu by Susanna Clarke for the R.I.P. III challenge. (I am not a short story reader, so not sure what I will think of it when I am done.) This will be my third book! I finished The Bleeding Dusk the other night and my review is done, but it has to wait its turn over at HT. Anyway, I just bought Clarke's book. It was in the bargain bin at the bookstore, so I got a hardcover copy for a really good price!


  1. I've had my eye on The Lace Reader so I'm excited to read your thoughts about it.

  2. It sounds like it could be good. I am looking forward to both receiving it and reading it!

  3. I went ahead and posted about Michelle Moran's book as part of my miscellaneous post today, hope she gets a good turnout during her 'week'. :)


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