Saturday, September 06, 2008

Election Time is Here Again...

Okay, this is going to be venty, so I am warning you in advance!

THEY ARE CALLING AN ELECTION! Can you say the WORST time for an election EVER! Well, there have probably been worst times, but I am dealing with the here and now! I don't WANT an election! I mean, the television has been taken over by the U.S. election... do we really need to add our own election into the mix? Are they CRAZY?!? Well, yeah, they are, but still... The funny thing is that we will have our prime minister and the U.S. will still be run by Bush.... So, once our politics are over, the U.S. will still be carrying on!

Our politics are weird anyway.... I mean, the prime minister is not the head of state... The Queen of England is. (And, that means Charles after her... ) We also do not vote for the leader directly. I really wish we did. I would be all excited about the elections if I really did feel my vote counted, but I watch the results show and I usually end up trying to decide why I voted in the first place.... We will not even begin to discuss our last election... I think I drove most of the people I know to the insane asylum until it was over and probably the rest of them went afterwards... So, yeah, I get really caught up in all the political drama. I am rather opinionated...

I bet people are wondering why I am rambling on about this? Well, because the election has not even been called (the governor general has to allow for parliament to break, etc) and the ANNOYING and UNHELPFUL political commercials have started ALREADY! I guess Harper figures the Governor General is smart and knows that the Conservatives have had their fun, it is time for the Liberals to come back in power... Which reminds me of the last election... So, yeah, I am sick of the election already and it hasn't even officially started yet. I really wish the political commercials were comedy routinues instead of a potential politician sitting calmy in casual, yet stylish, clothes and talking about some very well-scripted topics that he seems to think people actually care about, when really, if you live in Canada you usually already know who you are voting for before the candidates are even announced! (The Conservatives are in power for the first time since Mulroney and his... interesting... methods. Followed by our female prime minister that I will not even BEGIN to get into!)

Did I mention this was venty? I wasn't lying! I am very happy to live in Canada, but every year I get more and more fed up with how the country is run. So, when that happens, you get these fun posts! Not to say we haven't had wonderful prime ministers that do the best they can... I just don't want an election right now, and I was all for an early one after the other one. I just don't want one when I feel like I am in the middle of another one.

Okay, I'll post a review or something in a bit to make up for this fun post!

On another note, it looks like we are going to have some yucky weather! Gustav and Hannah are both headed my way.... While they are not as bad as they were, it is going to be windy and rainy, so if I vanish, I likely have no power...


  1. We certainly have had some ummm interesting Prime Ministers. MacKenzie King is my all time fav. I really need to go tour the grounds of his estate sometime and see the fake "ruins" he had built. Man he was a nutter. :)

  2. Hey,

    have you seen this? I think this is an awesome way to promote

  3. Wait a minute. I'm confused. Canada has had a female PM? Living on the border, I generally hear about Canadian politics and I can't for the life of me remember a female PM...


  4. Well, we are obviously on the exact opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to politics but one thing I agree with you is that I really wish we did get to vote for the Prime Minister instead of the way it's set up right now.

    Plus I also don't understand how a the US election lasts for like a year while ours last a month, tops!

    And yeah cjh we had a female PM, can't remember her name but I don't think she lasted even 6 months.

    PS. - I love the Harper commercials. He is such a refreshing politician. But it's probabaly best we not talk politics and still stay friends. Looking forward to your review post.

  5. sassymonkey: Yep, crazy for sure!

    cj: Yeah, Canada had a female PM. Brian Mulroney stepped down and she was his replacement.

    Nicola: Yeah, I don't know why our political season is so short, either. It's seems rather silly. I mean, even a couple months would be more logical! And, yeah, other than I will leave well enough alone! I wasn't really planning on starting a fight with anyone. :)

  6. Yeah I know you wouldn't start a fight :-) I said that kind of tongue in cheek ;-)

  7. A fight would probably improve readership, though. haha

  8. It was Kim Campbell and Mulroney screwed her over majorly.

    Also, if that smug something something gets his majority, I will not be pleased and yes this is me stating my political opinion. Not that we have much to choose from in terms of charasmatic or good leaders...

  9. I would welcome the election righ now if we had a chance at making some positive changes! I'm very fearful of a majority govornment where Harper can do even more damage. BTW, Am I the only one who thinks he looks like a vampire?


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