Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Giller-a-Thon Time!

Last year I aimed to read all the Giller-nominated books, and I came really close to this goal! I just had a hard time tracking down a couple of the titles. I really should read those couple others that I never did get to, huh? Maybe I will work them in with this years... So, this year I am just going to read those I can easily track down. A couple I already own, but haven't read... Story of my life!

David Adams Richards for his novel The Lost Highway (I own this, but Richards is not working for me lately... I used to love him, and now, I still get all his books when they come out. It just takes me forever to read them!)
David Bergen for his novel The Retreat (I did not like his first book. I couldn't even finish it! I might try this one, though.)
Joseph Boyden for his novel Through Black Spruce (I loved his first book, Three Day Road, so I am looking forward to another book by him. )
Austin Clarke for his novel More (I have other books by him, but, of course, never read him)
Anthony De Sa for his collection of short stories Barnacle Love (I'm not much of a short story reader... We will see.)
Emma Donoghue for her novel The Sealed Letter, (I own this. I have even started it! I just, well, haven't finished it... Are we surprised?)
Marina Endicott for her novel Good to A Fault (Never heard of her or the book before)
Steven Galloway for his novel The Cellist of Sarajevo (I like the title...)
Rawi Hage for his novel Cockroach (Never read him before but I have heard things...)
Kenneth J Harvey for his novel Blackstrap Hawco (I own it. Just received it the other day!)
Patrick Lane for his novel Red Dog, Red Dog (Not sure on this one.)
Pasha Malla for his collection of short stories The Withdrawal Method (Just not one for short story collections...)
Paul Quarrington for his novel The Ravine (I have been wanting to read Quarrington. This might be an excuse to finally get to him)
Nino Ricci for his novel The Origin of the Species (I don't know about this one.)
Mary Swan for her novel The Boys in the Trees (If I go just by the title, it doesn't sound like my kind of book, but we will see...)


  1. You're definitely back in the zone if you are thinking of taking on a challenge like this! :)

    Not much of a short story reader...me thinks thou doth protest too much. ;)

  2. haha. I don't think I will get to read that many of them. A bunch of them are small-presses and won't be that easy to find around here. I will probably read what I can easily find now and save the rest for when the short-list is announced. :)

  3. I also loved Three Day Road. I will be seeing Joseph Boyden along with David Bergen at the Vancouver Writers and Readers Festival later in October and am really looking forward to that.

    I liked The Sealed Letter, but don't think it's worthy of a Giller. IMO. I really enjoyed the stories in Barncle Love. They are linked, so that may help you some.

  4. I am buying Joseph Boyden's book with birthday money, I think. I received David Bergen's new book in the mail today, as well as Barnacle Love. I started The Sealed Letter but it is not captivating me yet.

    Meeting them would be cool!


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