Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This, That, and The Other Thing....

I really need to come up with better titles for my posts! I probably have even used that one before, but I can't remember and I am too lazy to check.

So, my throat is still putting up a fuss, but I think I have allergies and not a cold. I love the fall, don't get me wrong, but something just drives my sinuses crazy! And, I know this, but the sore throat sort of threw me off and made me think I was getting a cold! I am actually happy to have allergies. Weird, I know, but who wants a cold at this time of the year? I want to read and read and probably clean, but I mean, who wants to clean? I just informed my DH via text-message that I have too many books. I am kind of curious what the reply will be. I do have too many books, but not overall, just to read... I feel like I should be making a big dent in Mount TBR, but I don't think it is working out so well.

Tonight I finished up a book in the Extraordinary Canadian series that Penguin Books has. I love the whole idea behind this series and have been pre-ordering the books. Two arrived in the mail this week. One on Big Bear and the other on Lester B. Pearson. Now I have to wait until March of next year for more! So, I figured I should, you know, read the ones I have already! So, I read David Adams Richards book on Lord Beaverbrook. The review will be up on Historical Tapestry once Michelle Moran's week is completed. I really think I am the biggest fangirl when it comes to this series. It is a perfect way for me to catch up with some figures from Canadian history that I am not necessarily familiar with. Yeah, I have issues, but you know that, right? And, the books are going to look so awesome all lined up in a row on my shelf... Once I have them all, of course, because you know that I will have to have them all! This is also my fourth book for that Canadian Challenge I supposedly belong to, but since I haven't actually reviewed anything yet, I am sure most people forgot I even belonged! Oh, wait, that was the fifth. Man, I am behind!

Also, don't forget to head over to Historical Tapestry for Michelle Moran week. I know people read my blog, but I haven't seen you comment (slackers), and you are missing out on a chance to win a FREE BOOK! So, go over there and comment! I supposedly comment on your blogs and I don't get free books for doing so! You do! (haha, well, maybe). Today I posted a review of The Heretic Queen, which I loved and consider one of my favourite reads of the year!

I think after I finish this I am going to review a book... So, expect another post from me today!

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