Monday, September 01, 2008

Super Commenter Award

I got the Super Commenter Award from Teddy Rose at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time. I was quite surprised to get this from anyone, to be honest, because I blog so rarely and comment even less! So, I chose seven people that have commented on my blog several times lately. It goes to my email and I am a really big slacker at deleting things from my email... It probably wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I have every comment I have ever receieved still in my email... So, these names come up a lot lately. I was trying not to use the same people as Teddy, because I could've in a few cases!

Deslily at Here, There, and Everywhere
Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings
Sassymonkey at Sassymonkey Reads
Nymeth at Things Mean A Lot
tanabata at In Spring it is the Dawn
Stephanie at Stephanie's Written Word
Rhinoa at Rhinoa's Ramblings


  1. You took the time to comment on my blog, and that's what counts!

  2. COngrats and thanks for passing it on to me. I have been rubbish at commenting lately as I changed jobs and don't have so much time anywhere which sucks. I am still reading but always leaving replies.

  3. Thank you, Kailana :)

  4. Awww, gosh, thanks! :)

  5. wow! Danke! (that's thanks! heh) I'm afraid I haven't been 100 percent with anything lately but thank you !!!!

  6. Congrats, Kailana. I just getting back to the blog world after a hit and miss summer. I think everyone likes it when people take a minute and comment. This is a great award to get passed around.

  7. I meant to say how nice your blog is looking. Love the green and black.

  8. Teddy: Thanks! I do try and make an appearance from time to time.

    rhinoa: Yeah, my life has been pretty hectic lately too, so I was really surprised when I got this award!

    nymeth and stephanie: Your welcome! You deserve them!

    booklogged: I was wondering what happened to you! Glad to see you are still out there. :) And, thanks, I was really sick of my other format. I still haven't done much with this one, but I do really enjoy the change.

  9. Oops, I thought I'd already come by and thanked you! Sure you don't want to take it back? ;)

  10. haha! Well, now that you mention it... :P

  11. Hey, thank you so much! It is an honor both to get this from you and to be included in such great company! I really appreciate it!

  12. carl: You deserve it! You are around all the time and my email has many comments that you have left over the years!


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