Monday, December 08, 2008

Adventures in Snow (I'd say winter, but despite the conflicting weather... IT'S NOT WINTER YET!)

It is the eighth of December and I am behind in reviews for the month already! I have to be in the right frame of mind to blog, and somedays it just does not interest me. Not to mention, the last two books I read were okay, but not great. I am ready to read a great book, so I am going to have to browse my TBR pile very closely tonight!

At least it looks a lot better outside! The snow today was really heavy and there was a layer of ice under it. Today was just fun... I attempt to get the charming comedian motivated. We both had to work, but he didn't have to work until later. He is addicted to facebook, let me tell you. Anyway, so out to the driveway we did head. We both have our shovels and they are the scoop kind, so normally you can start on one side of the driveway and push the snow over to the other side. He starts shovelling first and he comments that the snow is heavy, but he had no problem pushing the snow all the way across. I just stood there and stared at the snow for a second. I just knew I was going to look like an idiot, and I did!

You see, my shovelling consisted of stick the shovel in the snow, try and get a firm footing on the slippery ground, and then begin to push the snow from one side of the driveway to the other. Only, I would get halfway across the driveway and get stuck, try and get some traction to push the snow the rest of the way, almost fall over, and then get really mad at said snow. So, my shoveling became stand in the middle and push half the snow one way and then go back to the middle and push the other half of the snow the other way. Then, the charming comedian decided to point out that I was pretty lousy at this moving of snow thing and he is very lucky the shovel didn't come flying at his head! So, after my car was out, I decided he could get his own car out and went into the house and made coffee and lunch! It could have been a nice thought, leaving him to shovel while I got a hot drink and a nice meal, but I made some for him too...

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  1. I came home last night to find the electrician's car poised between the old snow plow pile my husband had failed to shovel last week, and the 15 cms of snow that he didn't shovel between the road and our driveway. *sigh* he's from England, he doesn't know shovelling, snow and where the road lines are! So I ended up shovelling around the car while the electrician hemmed and hawed and said he could fix the light switch so we could turn off our porch light (finally) but couldn't install the new switch for the microwave (so it would stop flipping the fuse for the entire kitchen every time we use it) because he didn't have the right parts and would have to come back again. He still got stuck on ice and a snow chunk and my husband had to push him out of the driveway! and you're right, it's not even officially winter yet!!!
    Hope your husband appreciated the hot drink!!


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