Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Number One

Since I probably won't see the charming comedian tomorrow, we exchanged presents... well... it was supposed to be last night, but he got excited and gave me mine on the 22nd, so, I gave him his, as well. We are both great wrappers! It's called the bags that they came in... (In my defense, I had planned to wrap it for the 23rd and I spent yesterday wrapping his presents for other people). We bought things for each other throughout the year, so we only bought each other one thing. He got me the second season of Heroes, because we are finished the first season and we want to see what happens next! I bought him the first season of Rome, a show that we both love. We have already watched five episodes of Rome, actually. He wanted to watch Heroes, but I asked if we could have a bit of variety. We also have the first season of NCIS to watch. We both love the show, and that was actually what I had bought him for Christmas, but then I found Rome for an awesome price and knew he would like that much better, so I just gave NCIS to both of us.

I also received presents from my grandmother, father, and uncle. Money was the common denominator (that's my justification for NCIS), but my grandmother also gave me my traditional gift card to the bookstore! (She understood it was a good idea a long time before my mother clued in). I am just waiting for the one from my mother, and then I will be book shopping online...

Returning to the charming comedian. He reads my blog if I show him something, but he isn't very techno-savvy. Anyway, when I posted my Advent Calendar post last night (more like this morning) he saw his nickname and went browsing to see how much I talk about him on my blog. Other people might not find my stories funny, but he laughed as he read the random things I have said about him in the last month!


  1. wishing you a very merry christmas kelly..

    a little sad that you won't be with the charming comedian today

  2. Thanks Deslily!

    I actually did end up seeing the charming comedian this morning, which sort of was an unplanned thing. :)

  3. I love NCIS! We collect TV shows and after I finish my CSI: Miami collection I plan on getting those next... even though I've already watched every episode lol :o)

  4. I plan on getting all the seasons eventually. They are still pretty pricey, not one of the series that have decreased in price as they have been out for a while.


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